Suicide-Murder in Jimmy John's

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A woman in the process of filing for divorce died on Thursday when her husband shot her in Cottage Grove. Tensia Martinez Richard, 22, died in a Jimmy John's restaurant when running away from her husband, Chevel Richard, 22. The couple had two sons according to Fox News.

The morning before the shooting, Chevel Richard had found a text message sent to his wife on her phone. He throw a playpen across the room and destroyed the telephone she held to call 911. She then ran to the Shoppes at Gateway North strip mall and into a Jimmy John's restaurant.

She was running toward the phones and she got shot and went down right in front of the phones," employee Grant Tymesen said, "then, he shot her again." Chavel Richard shot himself soon after he shot his wife. He died shortly after. (Fox News)

After the shooting, police found a note written by Chevel Richard containing the financial and relationship difficulties he was going through according to the Star Tribune.

Police said that the couple had an abusive relationship and Chevel Richard was charged with fifth degree assault in June 2011, but Tensia Martinez Richard was back with him before filing for divorce. (Fox News)

Also, an order for protection from Chavel Richard was given to Tensia Richard, after she filled out a lethality protocol assessment, but two months later she was back with her husband.

Chavelo and Ace Martinez Benefit Fund is now set up to benefit the Richards' sons.

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