$500,000 Grant Given to Duluth

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The Margret A. Cargill Foundation is giving a $500,000 grant to those in Duluth who are struggling to recover from a flood that happened in June.

In the flood, 1,700 homes were damaged and only 5-10% were insured according to the Star Tribune.

The money will be used to help local non-profit organizations and the Lutheran Social Service, which helps clients rebuild their homes according to the Pioneer Press.

Earlier this year, legislators met to approve a 167.5 million dollar flood relief package for those in Duluth, but it was overturned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The agency ruled that the flood damage was not severe enough for individual assistance.

"A lot of work has been done here on roads and bridges, but individuals have been very hard hit and the need is enormous," said Holly C. Sampson, president of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, "This grant will really ramp up our early recovery efforts."

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