8 year Levy Proposal for St. Paul schools

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St. Paul Schools' Superintendent Valeria Silva is proposing a $39 million plan that would help develop the education system in St. Paul. This plan is going to be on the ballot on Tuesday according to the Star Tribune.

According to Silva, she wants to invest money into developing the schools' outreach online. Lessons, textbooks, homework and grades would be put up on an interactive portal in which teachers and parents can monitor the student's progress according to the Pioneer Press.

Many schools, such as Stillwater, use an online site called "Moodle" to help educators teach outside the classroom area. However Moodle leaves maintenance and training up to the school. So it proves to have many inefficiencies.

"The whole point is: How effectively is the school and teacher using it in the classroom?" Battle Creek Middle School teacher Jamin McKenzie said last week. If the technology is not utilized by teachers, than there is no point in investing in something that is not needed.

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