Minnetonka School Dress Code Policy

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The principal of Minnetonka Public High School sent an email to parents asking them to talk to their daughters about wearing revealing clothing to school according to the Star Tribune.

The shirts are getting too high and when combined with tight leggings, the definition of the female student's backs is too defined Principal David Adney said. The issue is that this can be highly distracting to students at school according to the New York Daily.

Adney was forced to take action after many female staff members and volunteers indicated that the attire young girls were wearing was too revealing. The most controversial pants at stake are yoga pants, which are worn at least two-three times a week by female students.

"They are setting an example for middle schoolers," said parent Christine Helgeson, who is the mother of a male student at the high school. She, like many other parents, are afraid that new fashion trends will effect younger generations and encourage them to dress inappropriately.

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