Petraeus Sex Scandal

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Four star General Petraeus resigned after the F.B.I. found evidence of him having an extramarital affair according to the New York Times.

His biographer, Paula Broadwell, was the woman involved. She is married with two children of her own. She interviewed and spent a lot of time with him in Afganistan for her biography. The F.B.I. caught the scandal after Broadwell sent a woman named Jill Kelley threatening messages according to the NY Daily.

Kelley had been spending a lot of time with Petraeus and Broadwell allegedly was jealous and sent emails to Kelley. The mysterious emails stimulated Kelley to have an investigation done to find out who the author was.

President Barack Obama did not accept General Petraeus' resignation right away.

"Let me think about it over night," was what the president after he received Petraeus' resignation. Later he realized that he could not have Petraeous in his administration and accepted the resignation .

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