Eden Prairie Schools Invest in Macbooks and Ipads

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The Eden Prairie School District announced it will invest in Macbook Airs and Ipads for schoolchildren (Eden Prairie School District).

Superintendent Curt Tryggestad and other district administrators announced on Nov. 27 the details of the i- Learn@EP Roll-Out Plan. It includes distributing iPads to students in seventh and eighth graders this January or Feburary; Macbook Airs to students in grades ninth-12; and finally distributing similar devices to students in early childhood programs - sixth grade in 2014-2016.

This $1.5 million per year plan is going to be funded by the textbook budget and technology levy the district said (StarTribune)

The plan was finalized after a series of parent engagement sessions in October and November and after an online survey was posted on the district's website.

"We are at an exciting stage in our district and are ready to get the digital devices in the hands of students," said Tryggestad. "The use of these devices by students and teachers can transform the learning process in significant ways.

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