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Analysis 12/9

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In the news article, Georgia schools lay unequal foundations for college, the reporters had a specific point they wanted to convey to the audience. Their aim of the story was to show the education gap between high schools in Georgia. They decided to do this by comparing the schools through performance of students, advanced placement programs, the amount of money spent on each child and the economic status of the students. The reporters provided causation between poor student performance in colleges and poor educational standards of their high schools.

The reporters didn't use any interactive graphics. However they did use bullet points to compare and contrast information between schools. I thought that this was helpful because it simplified the percentages and what they stood for, for the reader.

Some computer skills that the reporters had to use included research online. Finding statistics and analysts who have reviewed the situation and their opinions.

Analysis 12/2

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In the article, "Democratic convention: Bill Clinton makes speech that Obama needed most" talks about Bill Clinton's speech the the Democratic National Convention (DNC) (The Guardian).

The reporter in this story chose to elaborate on Bill Clinton's strategy in the speech, which was not necessarily praising Obama, but saying that Obama is leading America on the hard road to recovering from the issues prevalent before his tenure. By doing this, the reporter helps the reader understand what made Bill Clinton's speech so great.

The reporter also brings up how Clinton connects with the audience and why the audience responded well to Clinton. How the issues that Clinton spoke about connected with each member of the audience and that Clinton himself evokes a sense of prosperity and therefore instills hope in the audience.

Analysis: 11/18

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In the news article, "St. Paul's first Somali cop 'will be a great thing' for city" it talked about St. Paul's first Somali police officer.

I thought that the story was trying to move away from stereotypes. It tried to convey that change is happening, but very slowly. It talked of a Hmong police officer and his struggle with being a police officer because he received death threats from the Hmong community, showing that being a minority officer can be very difficult, which maybe why the numbers are so low.

"After Thursday's graduation, the department's sworn ranks will tally 594, including 34 Asian, 34 black, 25 Latino and six American Indian officers." I think that this line conveys that change is happening, even though the number of minority police officers compared to those white is extremely big.

I thought that the reporter didn't dig too deep into the topic in terms of sources. He only had two sources, the Somali police officer and the Hmong police officer. The reporter didn't talk to any other community members of any minority about this issue.

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