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Ghana President Wins Election

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Ghana's president won re-election on Sunday, however some doubt its legitimacy.

President John Dramani Mahama won re-election, however the opposition party New Patriotic Party claims the election was fraudulent. Machines using fingerprint technology to identify voters malfunctioned and officials were forced to extend voting to the next day.Also the late arrival of voting materials left voters standing in line for over 12 hours.

Opponent and leader of the New Patriotic Party Nana Akufo-Addo lost the election 47.7 percent to 50.7 percent (BBC).

"Considering the closeness of the polls this error is very significant and goes to the heart of the credibility of the results," said Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey, chairman of the opposition party (USA Today).

Protesters took to the streets on Sunday asking the government withhold the results of the election until after the election audit was completed. Police tear gassed and stunned the them, until they dispersed.

International observers, however, endorse the election calling it free and fair.

BBC Director Resigns

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The Director of the BBC resigned on Nov. 10 after a string of events demonstrated that the BBC was below journalistic standards.

On Nov. 2, in a broadcast, the BBC wrongly implied that a former Conservative Party politician had a pedophile scandal involving children in Wales.

The director George Entwistle, has only held his position for two months, however as a senior executive of the BBC he also has been accused of covering up scandals from being broadcasted. Last year, he cancelled a Newsnight that would cover a story about former BBC reporter, Jimmy Savile and his numerous sex scandals according to Fox News.

"The wholly exceptional events of the past few weeks have led me to conclude that the BBC should appoint a new leader," said Entwistle according to the New York Times.

Tornadoes hit Southern Metro Minneasota

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Two weak tornadoes touched down on Saturday, something that has not happened so late into the year according to the meteorologists at the National Weather Service.

No one was killed or injured, only trees and power lines were knocked over. About 12,000 homes and businesses in the Mendota Heights, West St. Paul and St. Paul areas did not have electricity. Power was restored Sunday night according to the Star Tribune.

The first tornado touched down on McAndrew's road and County Road 5 with winds averaging 80 miles per hour according to KSTP.

The second tornado touched down intersection of Interstate 494 and Hwy. 13 with winds averaging 70-75 miles per hour.

The storms came six to eight weeks later than most twisters hit Minnesota, surprising many residents.

Boy Dies In Pennsylvania Zoo

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A young boy died today after he fell off a safety railing and into an African wild dog exhibit, according to the Star Tribune.

The boy fell from a railing after his mother had propped him on it. He fell about 14 feet and was attacked by four of the 11 of the dogs in the exhibit. Zoo visitor immediately told authorities. They tried to call off the dogs, but only three dogs responded the last one was aggressive and was shot.

It is still not clear whether the boy died from the fall or from the attack. (

The dogs were medium sized and were about 37-80 pounds. It is not known if the exhibit will be continued, however this is Pennsylvania's first zoo related attack.

Hit-and-Run Kills Augsburg Student

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An Augsburg student died Saturday after being hit by a car. Austin R. Conley, 20, died he was hit by a dark colored, four door car according to the Star Tribune. The car was on N. 3rd St and by 1st Avenue N. when it hit Conley police said, according to the Star Tribune.

Conley was a first year student at Augsburg college studying business management.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Austin's family, friends, roommates, classmates and professors," said Augsburg President Paul Pribbenow, "members of the community are encouraged to gather at Augsburg's Monday chapel service at 10:20 a.m. in Hoversten Chapel."

Crime Stoppers of Minnesota is awarding $1,000 to anyone who gives information that will lead to the conviction of the case. (Star Tribune)

N.H.L Labor Dispute Results in Lockdown

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On Friday, the National Hockey League Player's Association rejected a proposal that attempted to end the ongoing labor dispute between the NHL's league and union. The NHL league proposed a 50-50 split revenue between the two parties but the union rejected it according to Herald Sports.

The union also proposed three deals to the league, but were rejected by the league.

As a result of the dispute, the NHL has called off all games through November 1. If there is a compromise settled by Oct. 25, a full season of hockey would be a possibility according to the BBC.

The reason for the dispute comes from a recently expired contract stating that the revenue was split 57% for the union and 43% for the league.

"None of the three variations of player share that they gave us even began to approach 50-50, either at all or for some long period of time," Gary Bettman, league commissioner said, "It's clear we're not speaking the same language" (Herald Sports).

"We came in here today with those proposals thinking that we could really make some progress," Sidney Crosby, hockey player, said after having a meeting with the league, "and to hear those words (from Bettman) kind of shuts it down pretty quickly," Crosby said. "In a nutshell it doesn't look good" (Herald Sports).

If no resolution is agreed upon by the two parties, the whole hockey season maybe cancelled, as it was in the 2004-2005 season (BBC).

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