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Brother Shoots and Kills Boy Accidently

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A 4-year-old boy accidently shot and killed his brother on Wednesday.

Neegnco Xiong, 2, died after his brother shot him. The brother found a gun loaded gun between the mattress and headboard and discharged it before he fired it (Kare 11)

The children's father Lue Xiong plead guilty to negligent storage of a loaded firearm within access of a child. Xiong will likely have to perform community service related to gun safety said Dennis Gerhardstein, a spokesman for the Ramsey County attorney's office. Xiong's sentence will be determined Dec. 13 (StarTribune)

It is a crime, in Minnesota, to store a loaded gun within reach of a child.

Xiong has a conceal-and-carry permit and many other guns used for hunting.

Eden Prairie Schools Invest in Macbooks and Ipads

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The Eden Prairie School District announced it will invest in Macbook Airs and Ipads for schoolchildren (Eden Prairie School District).

Superintendent Curt Tryggestad and other district administrators announced on Nov. 27 the details of the i- Learn@EP Roll-Out Plan. It includes distributing iPads to students in seventh and eighth graders this January or Feburary; Macbook Airs to students in grades ninth-12; and finally distributing similar devices to students in early childhood programs - sixth grade in 2014-2016.

This $1.5 million per year plan is going to be funded by the textbook budget and technology levy the district said (StarTribune)

The plan was finalized after a series of parent engagement sessions in October and November and after an online survey was posted on the district's website.

"We are at an exciting stage in our district and are ready to get the digital devices in the hands of students," said Tryggestad. "The use of these devices by students and teachers can transform the learning process in significant ways.

Burnsville Apartment Complex Finally Open

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An apartment complex is now allowed to have residents after it was forced to shut down in March.

The complex was closed down after a resident showed firefighters a jar of dead insects, after a kitchen fire. City inspections soon after found many issues including: rodent infestations, broken plumbing, mold, sagging ceilings and electrical problems to not just one, but all six of the properties owned by Lindahl Properties (Pioneer Press).

Lindahl Properties states that they have spent over $400,000 in repairs. They are now renting out apartments in the buildings that they have rental licenses in (Star Tribune).

Under the new rental license ordinances, the city must inspect one-third of the properties each year.

Southwest Light Rail Typo

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The debate between whether freight train tracks should be redirected to St. Louis Park has changed since an error was found in the Southwest Light Rail Transit Report.

The mistyped report underestimated keeping freight trains in Minneapolis by $100 million (Eden Prairie Patch).

"The fact they made a $100 million error makes me wonder what other errors are in the report," said Sue Sanger, a City Council member (StarTribune).

St. Louis Park residents are now pushing the Federal Transit Administration to conduct an independent review. Many St. Louis Park residents do not support the plan because having freight trains in the area may perhaps decrease the values of homes and increase danger.

There is going to be one last county public hearing on the draft of the report held in Eden Prairie

Mall of America Restriction on Teens Black Friday

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The Mall of America is prohibiting teenagers from entering the facility on Black Friday, unless they are accompanied by an adult according to the Star Tribune.

Teens under 16 years of age will not be allowed in the mall during Thanksgiving night and Black Friday or between Christmas and New Years. The mall already prohibits those under 16 to be with an adult on Friday and Saturday

This resulted after last year's Black Friday when a 200 person brawl started in the mall by teens. Chairs and tables were thrown at teens and shoppers alike. There is also going to be more security at the mall on these days according to the Pioneer Press.

Teens over 16 must provide proper identification to enter the mall, however student IDs will not be accepted.

Minnetonka School Dress Code Policy

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The principal of Minnetonka Public High School sent an email to parents asking them to talk to their daughters about wearing revealing clothing to school according to the Star Tribune.

The shirts are getting too high and when combined with tight leggings, the definition of the female student's backs is too defined Principal David Adney said. The issue is that this can be highly distracting to students at school according to the New York Daily.

Adney was forced to take action after many female staff members and volunteers indicated that the attire young girls were wearing was too revealing. The most controversial pants at stake are yoga pants, which are worn at least two-three times a week by female students.

"They are setting an example for middle schoolers," said parent Christine Helgeson, who is the mother of a male student at the high school. She, like many other parents, are afraid that new fashion trends will effect younger generations and encourage them to dress inappropriately.

$500,000 Grant Given to Duluth

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The Margret A. Cargill Foundation is giving a $500,000 grant to those in Duluth who are struggling to recover from a flood that happened in June.

In the flood, 1,700 homes were damaged and only 5-10% were insured according to the Star Tribune.

The money will be used to help local non-profit organizations and the Lutheran Social Service, which helps clients rebuild their homes according to the Pioneer Press.

Earlier this year, legislators met to approve a 167.5 million dollar flood relief package for those in Duluth, but it was overturned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The agency ruled that the flood damage was not severe enough for individual assistance.

"A lot of work has been done here on roads and bridges, but individuals have been very hard hit and the need is enormous," said Holly C. Sampson, president of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, "This grant will really ramp up our early recovery efforts."

Bus Driver Tells Child to Pick Up A Gun

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On Thursday a Robinsdale bus driver asked a student on his bus to pick up a gun that was lying on the side of the road.

In the intersection of 25th and Irving Avenue the bus driver spotted an object, made an unexpected stop and asked a 7th grader to pick up the foreign object. He immediately reported the gun to school staff at Robinsdale Middle School and the Metropolitan Transportation Network, according to the Star Tribune.

Tia Clasen, spokeswoman for Robinsdale schools, said the bus driver is no longer working for the company.

"I encourage you to talk with your child about situations in which they may find themselves that would be considered unsafe, how to become an advocate in such situations, and to report any unsafe situation to an adult at school or at home," Robinsdale Middle School's principal, John Cook said in a letter that went home to parents of the students who attend the school according to Kare 11.

8 year Levy Proposal for St. Paul schools

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St. Paul Schools' Superintendent Valeria Silva is proposing a $39 million plan that would help develop the education system in St. Paul. This plan is going to be on the ballot on Tuesday according to the Star Tribune.

According to Silva, she wants to invest money into developing the schools' outreach online. Lessons, textbooks, homework and grades would be put up on an interactive portal in which teachers and parents can monitor the student's progress according to the Pioneer Press.

Many schools, such as Stillwater, use an online site called "Moodle" to help educators teach outside the classroom area. However Moodle leaves maintenance and training up to the school. So it proves to have many inefficiencies.

"The whole point is: How effectively is the school and teacher using it in the classroom?" Battle Creek Middle School teacher Jamin McKenzie said last week. If the technology is not utilized by teachers, than there is no point in investing in something that is not needed.

Minnesota Wolf Hunting Season Starting

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Minne. Supreme Court is not allowing the organization Howling for Wolves and the Minnesota branch of the Center for Biological Diversity to legally challenge the Department of Natural Resources on the issue of wolf hunting, allowing for the hunting season to begin on Saturday, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Minnesota's first wolf hunting and trapping season is about to start on Nov. 24 according to the DNR), but only 3,600 hunters were given permits to hunt wolves, according to the Star Tribune.

Wolves have been on the "Endangered Species" list, but since states have recently gained legal power over wolf management from the federal government in January, wolves have been taken off that list. The DNR estimates that there are over 3,000 wolves in the state of Minnesota, however there has not been a survey of the wolves in five years.

The Center for Biological Diversity, however, does not agree.

"It's just really sad that these wolves are going to suffer and die in leg-hole traps and snares, when they just came off the endangered species list this year," Collete Adkins Giese, the center's lawyer said. "There was no reason for the DNR to rush forward with hunting and trapping for sport."

Wolf Researcher Dave Mech said that there are too many variables to accurately estimate the outcome of the hunt. The permits were given to random hunters across the state, and there are three different zones in which they can hunt in. The hunters maybe concentrated in an area where there aren't many wolves or they maybe concentrated where there are many wolves or they might be evenly dispersed in the zones.

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