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Two Student Arrested After Giving Class "pot brownies"

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Two students allegedly gave their unsuspecting classmates and professor pot brownies at the University of Colorado.

Police responded to phone calls of dizziness, anxiety attacks and unconsciousness hours after the class ended. It was discovered that Thomas Cunningham, 21, and Mary Essa, 19, brought in marijuana laced brownies to "Bring Food to Class Day" and shared them with the class (NBC).

Three victims were hospitalized, police say.

Cunningham and Essa were arrested and charged with second-degree assault, inducing consumption of controlled substances by fraudulent means, conspiracy to commit second-degree assault and conspiracy to commit inducing consumption of controlled substances by fraudulent means, today (San Francisco Chronicle).

Cunningham and Essa were questioned by police on Saturday and confessed the brownies were laced with marijuana.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Resigns

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Jesse Jackson, a Representative in the House for a district in Illinois, resigned on Nov. 21 due to medical issues (Chicago Tribune).

Jackson was under investigation after he had perhaps inappropriately spent money earned during his tenure. Some of these expenditures include buying a $400,000 Rolex watch for a "female friend" and his furniture in his Washington D.C. home. The investigation was ran under the F.B.I's Washington Field House.

Jackson then left Congress due to medical purposes in June, in August said he being treated for bipolar disorder and then announced he is resigning in November.

The resignation could cost Illinois $5.15 million said the state board. This is due to elections having to be set up in the area. The Illinois primaries are on Feb. 26, but the earliest the district could have its primaries are in March (ABC News).

Petraeus Sex Scandal

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Four star General Petraeus resigned after the F.B.I. found evidence of him having an extramarital affair according to the New York Times.

His biographer, Paula Broadwell, was the woman involved. She is married with two children of her own. She interviewed and spent a lot of time with him in Afganistan for her biography. The F.B.I. caught the scandal after Broadwell sent a woman named Jill Kelley threatening messages according to the NY Daily.

Kelley had been spending a lot of time with Petraeus and Broadwell allegedly was jealous and sent emails to Kelley. The mysterious emails stimulated Kelley to have an investigation done to find out who the author was.

President Barack Obama did not accept General Petraeus' resignation right away.

"Let me think about it over night," was what the president after he received Petraeus' resignation. Later he realized that he could not have Petraeous in his administration and accepted the resignation .

Voting in New York

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New York and New Jersey election board officials must decide on whether additional provisional voting will be needed according to CBS News.

Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast Monday and has caused great damage to New York and New Jersey and may deter voters from going to the polls this year.

New York county election board officials will ask the New York State Board of Elections to allow polls to stay open if voter turnout is less than 25%. New York has already relocated 60 polling sites due to Sandy. And in an effort to allow people to vote, some polling stations in New York are going to be by portable generators. (CNN News)

New Jersey has already made voting changes. New Jersey voters can fax and cast a provisional ballot at any polling area. Residents of New Jersey are also considered "overseas" and may apply for an absentee ballot until 5 p.m. Election Day (CBS News).

Hurricane Sandy Causes Evacuations on East Coast

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Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from North Carolina to Connecticut because of the threat of Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to landfall on Monday night.

Hurricane Sandy has already cause power outages in Virgina (CNN) and is expected to cause more damage on Monday.

Hurricane Sandy is a Category 1 hurricane, but has a unique characteristic that most other hurricanes don't have, its winds extend 175 miles from the eye. Its speculated that the radius of the winds will create more damage than a typical Category 1 hurricane (CNN).

Public transportation has been shut down in many of the East Coast states such as New York, parts of Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. School has also been cancelled for two million public school students and many universities have shut down their campuses. (ABC).

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