May 20, 2008

Term projects

A good group presentation should be grading on how well the group has prepared. The requirement for presentation most commonly base visual preps, vocalization, and most importation of all is the group capability of delivering their idea to the audience in a given time. Many groups in our section came with well prepared. Some even made a poster and some even wrote a paper on a topic on what he or she wanted to talk about. Unfortunately many groups failed on the timing part. Many of them went at least five minute over the require time. It would be nice if each group understood a little more about timing.

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May 6, 2008

Seward West Tower

Common Bond Community is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing for low income people in the upper Midwest. The goal of this organization is to build home for everyone who is living in low income so they have a chance to experience a strong sense of home.
I am currently doing service leaning at Seward West Tower which is one of the Common Bond property. I usually spend at least two hours on every Wednesday evening after I finish my long day at school there as an adult tutor. The adult that I am currently tutoring are English learners. There I get to help them with their daily homework from basic level to advance level.
Most of residents there are immigrations who left their countries for many reasons and one thing that I have found is that each one of them are here to seek for better opportunities. After three weeks of working with them, I already see that they are hard working people who eager to learn and always ready for opportunities that being offer and they take it as much as possible.
For instance, on my first starting day there were five women that I was tutoring. Later on, after they found out that they are able to get help on Wednesday night new faces begin to show up week after week. When I arrived there on my second week, three of them were already there waiting and ready to learn. At first I thought I was late but when I looked at my watch, there was still another ten minute until the class start. When I asked them why they were here so early, their response was to get extra helping time. I could not believe what I just heard, their response had shocked me but at the same time I was amazed by their hard work. One thing that I must say is this, their hard work and wanting to learn have always boasted up energy no matter how tired I am after spending a long day at school.

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April 3, 2008

Diffinately the 2

We all know that books are made for someone to read, in this matter many authors always work hard to find a way to attract their audiences’ interest. Author, like one another wants to make sure that once their books got published there will be people want to read their book. So how do they do it? Below are the top ten best book of year (2007).

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March 13, 2008

Over all

To my own personal point of view to document something it is not just always about the text or how descriptive the information is, stead it should be a combination of text, picture, diagram, and most important of all is the arrangement on the page, the style of the text, the placement of the picture, and diagram. Many magazine companies tend to use this strategy as way to attract people attention to buy their magazine.
CMYK magazine for instance uses more pictures than words to attract people. They seem to let the pictures speak to the audience. The page arrangement and the choice of color they choose allow the story more appealing than the actually story. It seems like their success in advertisement mainly depend their style of design.
Print Maz.jpg

Print magazine is another good example in using pictures to attract their audience. They seem to aim for multiple audiences and that picture allow them to achieve this very easily.

March 6, 2008


A question is asked, how the built environment effect who you are? Framework, clockwork, phenomena, and opposition, the terminology might take extra time to understand.

Is environment one of the biggest effects in our everyday lives? Some might say our lives style is shaped by the environment we live in. Is it always true that we living to fit it our environment. I keep asking this question to myself over and over again. Umm!…5 minutes………10 minutes…….umm!…… answers…………then the darkness fall, the wind hollowing eager to hear my answer and my only way to get away this frightening sound is to come up with some sort of answer that one might pause and think, does this make any sense at all?

My response to this question, I think it depends on how you want to look at it. Yes the environment shape our way of lives but only at the start. The type of place we live in, the type of cloth we wear, the type of food we eat…..etc, and these are the requirement in order for each individual to fit in the environment. However if we look at the other end or result in another word, we actually are the one that shape the environment. Our demanding is much higher than what the environment has for us. For example we need a house to keep us warm, protect us from severe weather, do you think these require us to build skyscraper or the skyscraper is just say I can do it better than you?
Men are challenged by nature but men tend to enjoy the challenge and they take it as a pleasure to their victory. You can think of this in the relationship between the soil and tree. The soil provide mineral for the tree to grow and the tree’s height depends on soil how much mineral the soil can provide. Eventually the form of the soil will change through the development of the tree. I think this is the phenomena and within phenomena there are clockworks, frameworks, and thing.

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February 28, 2008

architect mean..............

If we were giving a survey to ten people, how people think about architects I am pretty sure that nine of ten people would give a common answer like, they make big bucks, they are good at math, and they are good at drawing. No one would think on how architects feel or react to their environment. I agree with these answers, but at the same time I also want them to realize that is not just these three things that define architect at least to the good architect. In my own definition architect is a designer whose work is to form a pleasant environment to all livings on earth.

My main goal after I am released from the Architecture school is to use my knowledge not only to serve human but to their surrounding at the same time. We create marks on the ground as we make our steps and each one of our steps can have big effect to those who are around us. I think this is also is very important in architecture work. They need to aware at all time on choice of their design. As nature is the foundation of all livings on earth, my inspiration of who I will follow his step is:


a design for all living things.jpg

kid and boat.jpg

February 22, 2008

What's the different?

Some live to work and some work to live, do these statements make a different for them at all?

“Can you imagine living in a world
Where you have to pay for gathering a glass of fresh rain water directly from the sky?
Can you imagine living in a world
Where being raped is a crime you can be publicly stoned for?
Can you imagine living in a world
Where dying of natural causes is less likely then being killed?
Can you imagine living in a world where rather then comparing nutritional value labels, you’d have to stand in line for hours for the only type of rice there is?
Can you imagine living in a world
Where being born isn’t a right but a sentence?
Can you imagine living in a world
Where you’d be happy to pay taxes for that would mean you’ve actually earned something and have an address??

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• Every year, 6 million children die from malnutrition before their 5th birthday.

• 1.2 billion people live on less than U.S.$1 dollar a day.
Lady on the street.jpg

• Over 11 million children die each year from preventable causes like malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia.
dying child.jpg


Do you have to be this way to help the world?


What dose superhero mean to you?

February 17, 2008

Social Design Issue

When blog prompt #2 was introduced to our class, my mind went blank. Then all of sudden a big sign pop out of my head as in a question mark which had been haunted me for weeks. “What exactly is a social design issue??

One thing that I did before I wrote this blog was to go over some of my class mates point of views. It turn out that many of them are concern with homeless people. I have hard time to believe as this becomes an issue in the United States. I mean this the United States, the most powerful country in the world as it got everything that the third world countries desire for. Why is this? What causes this? Is there a solution for this issue? Many questions ran through mind as I went from one blog to the next.

One thing that I see as I am one of those who come from a third world country is this everything that the United States has that causes many people to careless about their future, like have no home. To me it seems like most of them are expecting help from government more than they try to help themselves. I mean, there many jobs that there could do here than just presenting themselves in corner of the street and asking people money. I understand that some of them have mental disability that drives them away from having a job. However, I still don’t understand for those who don’t, why can’t they use this time to search for jobs instead, or maybe pick up some cans on street and sell them for money. The more I think about it the more I begin to realize that the social design issue is presenting in each individual as each of the individual is the cause of this issue.


February 14, 2008

Energy, Flow and Transformation through the City

After I have seen Andy Goldsworthy's film "River and tide" I begin to realize more on the connection between the idea of energy, flow and transformation through the city. Each one of his creation will always take away by nature and that this movement and change in nature is what keep the nature alive. Goldsworthy has given us a scene of how nature can be used and created into many forms. One of messages that came to my mind when I saw this video was that, a man’s energy can be used to create many simple forms in nature into many other forms when he comes to be an expert on his material as time allowed him to be such a master. Once he master on the material, any places is possible for him to create his creation.

As we all know that energy is source that is being use to create flow and transformation (movement and change). This also means that without energy the concept of flow and transformation won't be happening. In my definition energy is a surviving source to keep things alive. If we imply this concept of survival to the city, we can see that the movement and change is what really keep the city alive. The city needs people to create movement and make the change to keep the city alive.

I think the idea of energy, flow and transformation through the city is very similar to what I have seen in Andy film. To me, we are the source of energy that provide life to the city, which city at this point is new creation of form from nature that we are trying to create or transform to reach our satisfaction. By definition transformation is a complete change that is using time to complete the process. This transformation process creates the flow. The word “flow? from of many definitions means to move easily, smoothly, and continuously from one place to another.
As we can see from generation to generation many cities in many part of the world seem to grow bigger and bigger along with better improvement as satisfaction was unlimited, hence man is challenged by the nature.



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