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Energy, Flow and Transformation through the City

After I have seen Andy Goldsworthy's film "River and tide" I begin to realize more on the connection between the idea of energy, flow and transformation through the city. Each one of his creation will always take away by nature and that this movement and change in nature is what keep the nature alive. Goldsworthy has given us a scene of how nature can be used and created into many forms. One of messages that came to my mind when I saw this video was that, a man’s energy can be used to create many simple forms in nature into many other forms when he comes to be an expert on his material as time allowed him to be such a master. Once he master on the material, any places is possible for him to create his creation.

As we all know that energy is source that is being use to create flow and transformation (movement and change). This also means that without energy the concept of flow and transformation won't be happening. In my definition energy is a surviving source to keep things alive. If we imply this concept of survival to the city, we can see that the movement and change is what really keep the city alive. The city needs people to create movement and make the change to keep the city alive.

I think the idea of energy, flow and transformation through the city is very similar to what I have seen in Andy film. To me, we are the source of energy that provide life to the city, which city at this point is new creation of form from nature that we are trying to create or transform to reach our satisfaction. By definition transformation is a complete change that is using time to complete the process. This transformation process creates the flow. The word “flow? from of many definitions means to move easily, smoothly, and continuously from one place to another.
As we can see from generation to generation many cities in many part of the world seem to grow bigger and bigger along with better improvement as satisfaction was unlimited, hence man is challenged by the nature.



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