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Seward West Tower

Common Bond Community is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing for low income people in the upper Midwest. The goal of this organization is to build home for everyone who is living in low income so they have a chance to experience a strong sense of home.
I am currently doing service leaning at Seward West Tower which is one of the Common Bond property. I usually spend at least two hours on every Wednesday evening after I finish my long day at school there as an adult tutor. The adult that I am currently tutoring are English learners. There I get to help them with their daily homework from basic level to advance level.
Most of residents there are immigrations who left their countries for many reasons and one thing that I have found is that each one of them are here to seek for better opportunities. After three weeks of working with them, I already see that they are hard working people who eager to learn and always ready for opportunities that being offer and they take it as much as possible.
For instance, on my first starting day there were five women that I was tutoring. Later on, after they found out that they are able to get help on Wednesday night new faces begin to show up week after week. When I arrived there on my second week, three of them were already there waiting and ready to learn. At first I thought I was late but when I looked at my watch, there was still another ten minute until the class start. When I asked them why they were here so early, their response was to get extra helping time. I could not believe what I just heard, their response had shocked me but at the same time I was amazed by their hard work. One thing that I must say is this, their hard work and wanting to learn have always boasted up energy no matter how tired I am after spending a long day at school.

Week 1:
My first week at Seaward Tower was unexpected. I was expecting on working one to one, unfortunately it was not like what I expected at all. It turned out that I was the only tutor on that day and there were about five people who I was helping on that night. All five of them have different subjects to study and their homework include: math, writing, reading, and science. At first I was not sure how to handle this at all but it turned out to be ok. While I was helping one of them with her homework the other four were politely wait with patient. When I was done helping with one person, one of them would raise her hand and politely ask for help. I spent about two hours and a half on that night with them, to me they were very hard working people and very polite.

Week 2:
My week two was little bet different from week one. This week there were six of them come to the tutoring center including the five ladies who I met on my last visit. Even better this week, I had another tutor came and helped me. I found out that the lady usually came and help them every other week and this was why I did not see her on first week. We divided the group into two, she got three students and I got three students. This week I taught mathematic only as it is always been my favorite subject of all time. Because we have two tutors this week I got to finish with tutoring a little early than last week. It was a fun for me as I get to teach what I love the most.
Week 3:
This was my least favorite week of all time compare to the last two weeks. I showed up at and expected to see someone sitting in room waiting for me to help his or her homework. But it was not the way I expected, I went into the classroom no one was their at all. I sat in the classroom and waited for them. After thirty minutes of wait I decided to go and asked one of my supervisors to see if I should wait a little bit longer. I was send back home as both of us agree that no one would show up at this late. I was a little disappointed and hoping that this would not happened again on my next visit.
Week 4:
This week the classroom was filled with students and tutors. Compare to the last three weeks, this week tutoring was much more to what I first expected. This week we got three tutors and every student had their own tutor to work one on one. I liked this way better because the students tend to get more work done and tend to do a lot better on their homework assignments. This week I worked on math with my tutee one on one. One on one teaching allowed the two of us get to know each other better. She learned about my background and I learned about her back. It was a fun week that I would never want to forget.
Week 5:
This week was very similar to my first week at the tower and again, I was the only tutor with three tutees. For two hours I tried to help them as much as I could. Normally it is hard to deal with three subjects at once but their hard work and willing to learn had made this hard work to simple work and fun. I had to say that I loved spending my time at the Seward Tower I had learned a lot of from my tutees. They had taught how to be patient and their hard work motivated me to look the world in a whole new way as every set of goal involves time and works and every little work is a step to success.

Week 6:

I found this week as one of the most celebrated week of all. This is not because of my last week at the Seward Tower but it is because I got to see the improvement of my tutees that I had helped for the last five weeks. One of my tutees came up to me today to show me the result of her work as she got an “A? on it. She was very happy about it and I was too but in the fact that I could help at least. I now have more confidence on my work, the work of which I could make a different through my knowledge. I worked with four tutees today and each one of them had different subjects to study. To me it was always fun to see them put such an effort on their homework.

I can not express enough on much time and effort they had put on their work and I think this is because of the language barrier. I had learned that if English is not our first language, extra time is always needed to complete the same work that many native speakers have. For instance, if a native speaker spends an hour on their reading we have to spend at least two or more to complete the same number of pages.

This experience at Seward Tower had taught me how important it is to use part of our available time to help someone who is in need. It doesn’t matter how much time or help one can provide, it can always make a different in some else’s life.