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Term projects

A good group presentation should be grading on how well the group has prepared. The requirement for presentation most commonly base visual preps, vocalization, and most importation of all is the group capability of delivering their idea to the audience in a given time. Many groups in our section came with well prepared. Some even made a poster and some even wrote a paper on a topic on what he or she wanted to talk about. Unfortunately many groups failed on the timing part. Many of them went at least five minute over the require time. It would be nice if each group understood a little more about timing.

Timing is very critical in presentation. There is a couple things about timing that each group should consider when went over the given time. First of all there are many more groups that need to present their projects. Second, when having too long presentation, it is very easy to loose audience attention. For instance, there was one group in our section who was also focus on goal number one. They were well prepared; each one of them used their part of research and report to us as in result and plenty of good facts. Unfortunately their presentation turned out to be too long which was almost half of the class period. I had to admit that this one presentation was boring as they focused too many details on their research.