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I have been slacking on the blogging, but finally not on the volunteering.

I have been working extra hard to get all my hours in for volunteering, and have finally succeeded.

Each week, I went in to Augsburg Fairview Academy every Monday from 12:00-3:00. I worked with "English as a Second Language" students. We listened to cds similar to what we listened to in Spanish class in high school. The students worked in workbooks and I was there to check their answers over and we also had many conversations off topic, but we agreed that since they have to learn about our culture, they got to teach me about their culture. One of the men told me that they cannot eat pork in their religion and that chicken and camels were more common to eat. Yes, camels. I didn't know you could eat a camel. He said they are rather tasty though.

It was interesting also to learn that there is a prayer room located in the main office of the school because many of the students pray often throughout the day. They take it really seriously and once each time I was there working with the students, one of the men would get up and pray for about 20 minutes in the prayer room. He picked a mat out from the box and went in the room.

Something that is a little more difficult about volunteering than I had imagined is not giving the answers to the student's homework. They make it hard for me to say they have to do it themselves, but we still were able to work together rather than me just giving them the answers.

I have finished 13 volunteer hours and as I look back I actually enjoyed it. It was hard at the time, but I learned more than I ever imagined. I learned about different lifestyles and different living situations. I feel fortunate, but also want to help more.