October 31, 2006

New blog!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!

I'm Karina Chiarelli, an international student-athlete from the University of Minnesota! I'm a sophomore and next semester (Spring 2007)I'm going to apply for the Carlson School Managnment!! My academic advisor said that I have good chances to get in the Carlson, because I have a high GPA and the requirements for Carlson I'm doing very good!!
But school is not easy for me!! As I told you before, I'm an athlete too. I play for the women tennis team for the UofM, and we have a lot of tournaments and travels...and because of this I used to loose some classes like ACCT2050 and MACRO!!
The culture in the USA is very different from Brazil, where I was borned! To be honest, everything here is completely different from Brazil!!!! The weather, the culture, the language, the food....everything!! My first year was very hard, and I was homesick...I was missing very much my family and my friends....
But now I'm doing very well with all this changes that happen in my life on this last 2 years!!!
Last year I used to have a blog to show to my friends and my family some pictures of Minneapolis and of the University! The technology is a wonderful tool that I have been used to talk to my friends and family. With my computer I can conect to them using the messenger, and talk for long hours, send pictures, and more things, and it is so much cheaper than telephones and mails!!!
I hope everyone can have the opportunity to see how it is beneficial the technology!!!