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10th and 11th Graders win 2010 Sembrando Una Semilla Award

High school students from Chicano Studies' partners Edison High School, El Colegio y La Escuelita won the 2010 Sembrando Una Semilla Award presented at this year's graduation ceremony, Paso Al Futuro. Congratulations!

This year was the first year the Department ran an after school ACT prep program in south Minneapolis. Students who enrolled in the course attended a 2 hour, weekly ACT preparatory class. The goal was to increase their scores on the ACT, a national college entrance exam.

The Sembrando Una Semilla Award is presented annually by the graduation committee to the individual, group, or organization whose effort embodies the collective aspirations of our community. We are proud of the ACT prep program youth and know they will continue to develop and grow their leadership now and into the future.

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