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¬°Fall Welcome 2010!

It is fall semester 2010 and we welcome everyone to the Department of Chicano Studies in Scott Hall on the East Bank. Whether you are new to campus or very familiar to campus and the University of MN, we invite you to stop by the office to meet our great staff and faculty, peruse our list of classes being offered or become involved in our many outreach programs and options.

This fall already has already and will continue to prove to be a very full and exciting time in Chicano Studies. Classes began September 7th and as a department, we are running 12 courses-most of which are full or close to full. Casa Sol, the Living Learning Community began it's 6th year with the biggest class ever and we continue to work with youth and families in the K-12 through our four community partners, in addition to our work with other Latino- centric groups and non-profits.

2010 recognizes the 100th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution and the 200th Anniversary of Mexican Independence. While the work of Chicano Studies focuses on the lived reality and experiences of Chican@s and Latin@ in the US, certainly there is an intimate connection with Mexico and we are proud to partner with the Mexican Consulate for various activities and programs, including a joint Grito Para Educaccion.

Stop by-estas en tu casa~

Department of Chicano Studies

Ethnic Studies Week October 1-7

Twin Cities Ethnic Studies Week Goals & Objectives

Ethnic Studies Week in the Twin Cities grew out of a national call to defend Ethnic Studies across the nation. The goal is to defend multicultural education and reject the recent legislative and philosophical assault against ethnic studies and ethnic communities by increasing social awareness through purposeful educational events, demonstrations and workshops.

Earlier this year Jan Brewer, the governor of Arizona, signed HB 2281, which banned the teaching of Ethnic Studies in Arizona public schools. This legislation authored by State Superintendent of Public Instruction specifically targets Mexican American Studies in the Tucson Unified School District. During this same time frame the Texas State Board of Education drastically revised its social studies textbook standards to dilute civil rights history and exclude many aspects of the historical and social contributions of people of color. These monumental legislative events, and the ideological thinking that fuels them, illustrates that Ethnic Studies programs and multicultural education are under national assault.
This is a recurring generational struggle which began during the Civil Rights Era when students from across the country stood up to university administrators and faculty to demand racial, ethnic and gender specific programming as central to a quality education. We are asking people in schools and in communities across the Twin Cities to do what might amount to civil disobedience in the Arizona public schools: participate in Ethnic Studies events and engage in the types of cultural learning censored by others. The goal of this initiative is simple: to show that instead of banning Ethnic Studies, we should defend and expand access to multi-cultural education. We invite you to join us!

Twin Cities Ethnic Studies Week Committee

TC Ethnic Studies Wk Flyer 8x11.jpg

Casa Sol group attends annual retreat

Begun as a way to make the university stronger, to combat isolation and provide support for first year students, this year marks the 6th cohort of Soler@s here at the University of MN, TC.

All students take a Chicano Studies class-History, Identity and Culture the first semester and a class on leadership during the spring semester. Additionally, there are various activities, programs and projects the students work on during the semester which helps to support, ground and build a strong sense of community on campus between and amongst the group.

One component includes the annual retreat to a local YMCA camp for a day long retreat. Stay tuned for photos and more updates!

Casa Sol Spring Calendar

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