Spring 2011 Chicano Studies Course Offerings

Spring registration begins November 9th!

This Spring, the Department of Chicano Studies is excited to offer the following courses:

Chic 1275/3275 - Service Learning in the Chicano/Latino Community (Civ)
Chic 3213 - Chicano Music and Art (Pending - AH, DSJ)
Chic 3223 - Chicana/o and Latina/o Representation in Film (AH, DSJ)
Chic 3374 - Migrant Farmworkers in the US: Families, Work, and Advocacy (Civ)
Chic 3446 - Chicana/o History II: WWII, El Movimiento, and the New Millennium (His, DSJ)
Chic 3452 - Xicana/Indigena Studies: History, Culture, and Politics (DSJ)
Chic 3507W - Intro to Chicana/o Literature (Lit, DSJ, WI)
Chic 3672 - Chicana/o Experience in the Midwest (DSJ)
Chic 3752 - Chicanas and Chicanos in Contemporary Society (DSJ)
Chic 3900 - CASA SOL Leadership
Chic 3900 - Mexican Revolution in the Greater Mexican Imagination

To learn more about our course offerings, including times and course descriptions, click here.

Also, learn more about the Chicano Studies major and minor here. Contact Department Adviser Nicole Clements at clem0078@umn.edu with any questions regarding course offerings or degree programs.

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