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MN DREAM Students Break Hunger Strike in DC After Vote

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Five Minnesota youth participated in a hunger strike to pressure the US Senate to vote on the DREAM ACT, which would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented students who attend college or join the military. The House passed their version of the bill with a vote of 216-198. The Senate's vote failed to materialize by five votes on Saturday December 18th.

The hunger strikers went to Washington DC to connect with other DREAM Act students and hunger strikers from around the country to pressure senators before the vote on the 18th.

The MN DREAMERS returned from Washington DC on Monday the 20th, where they were met by family and community members at El Colegio in south Minneapolis. They reported back on what happened in DC and community members offered support and acknowledgment for the students' actions, efforts and sacrifices. While the vote was indeed extremely disappointing, students describe their morale as high and determination stronger than ever.

The Department of Chicano Studies is proud to support these youth and others working towards comprehensive immigration reform, college access for all and in general a strong and vibrant community.

Chuy Negrete Performs at Community Partner Sites

The Department of Chicano Studies in collaboration with La Raza Student Cultural Center brought nationally recognized ethno-musicologist, Dr. Chuy Negrete to the Twin Cities to perform at the University of MN and at the Department's community partner sites last week. Dr. Negrete began his tour at Academia Cesar Chavez in St. Paul where he wowed the 4th, 5th and 6th graders and told of the Mexican Revolution through the corrido. His next stop occurred at El Colegio, a 9-12th grade charter high school school in south MPLS. He connected both with the students and high school staff on various issues and finally, Dr. Negrete finished his brief, but impactful tour at La Raza Student Cultural Center for a late afternoon performance. Dr. Negrete is truly an exceptional performer with his keen knowledge of history and ability to relate that through the corrido across such a wide age span.

This is the second time Chuy has been to the University of MN in recent years. He came in 2006 to perform at Paso Al Futuro, the annual Bilingual Bicultural Graduation Celebration here at the U of M and was also greatly received then. ¡Thank you Chuy--safe travels y..orale Raza!


Senior Paper Presentations - Congratulations!

On Friday, December 10th, Karen A. Davidshofer and Leah Mathews publicly presented their Chicano Studies Senior papers to faculty, family, and friends in Scott Hall 2. Karen presented her research (also her University Honors thesis) entitled: "Comfort, Rechazo, y Algo Mas: An Analysis of Chicana Experiences of Belonging." Leah presented research based on her senior paper, entitled "Resisting Cultural Homogenization: How Dual Media Citizenship Enables Selena Gomez to Break Disney's Hegemonic Spell." Both students impressed the audience with their insights into cultural and social dynamics and the originality of their research.


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