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Chicano Studies: ¡Presente!

¡Happy New Academic Year 2011-2012!

As many know, this academic year, we are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Chicano Studies. Forty years ago, students from the Latin Liberation Front (pre-cursor to La Raza Student Cultural Center), demanded from the University of MN administration, the establishment of a Department of Chicano Studies. It was not an easy effort, nor did administration cede readily. Rather, it was the vision, courage and tenaciousness of a few strong people, within the context of tremendous social change, which catapulted the midwest onto the scene nationally. At the annual Grito event on Saturday, founders discussed their vision--particularly the steadfast demand for a department and not only a program as key to a validated and strong presence on campus.

Join us as commemorate 40 years of struggle, service and dedication. Chicano Studies will continue programming and co-sponsoring events throughout the year, with special events dedicated to the 40th Anniversary on the Third Thursdays and Final Fridays of the month.


Welcome from the Chair

I hope everyone's return to campus has gone smooth and that all friends, students, staff and faculty are feeling energized by the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting new year.
As we launch our year-long celebration of the establishment of the Department of Chicano Studies we believe we have an exciting lineup of activities to commemorate and celebrate that we continue to protect and expand the legacy of Chicano Studies that was started 40 years ago.

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