Welcome from the Chair

I hope everyone's return to campus has gone smooth and that all friends, students, staff and faculty are feeling energized by the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting new year.
As we launch our year-long celebration of the establishment of the Department of Chicano Studies we believe we have an exciting lineup of activities to commemorate and celebrate that we continue to protect and expand the legacy of Chicano Studies that was started 40 years ago.

Throughout the department's history, students, staff, and faculty have had to be vigilant in ensuring that we not only survive but thrive. Much has changed in the last 40 years for Chican@s-Latin@s in the United States and in Minnesota. Our mission to educate and engage ourselves and others on and off campus has never been more important as our numbers continue to grow and the educational and social justice challenges persist.
We invite you to join us in as many of our commemorative events as you possibly can. At this year's El Grito, please join Chicano Studies and La Raza as we pay tribute to our founders, former members of the Latin liberation Front who were immersed in el movimiento Chicano and heeded the call (a grito!?) to establish Chicano Studies across the land. Throughout the year, we will look back, forward, inward, and outward as we nurture our collective espiritu, mente y alma with love and respect for our community.
See you soon and be sure to welcome our latest faculty addition, Jimmy Patiño, Jr. and our new academic advisor, Liz Kalinowski when you see them around campus.

Louis Mendoza, Department Chair

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