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Senior Seminar Presentations

Seniors in Chicano & Latino Studies will be presenting their senior research projects on Friday, December 7th, 11:30am - 12:30pm, in Scott Hall Room 2. For more information on the presenters and their research, please click SeniorSeminarsFall2012.pdf

Recent Keynote on Latino Scholars

"Their America, Our América and Our Responsibility as Latina/o Scholars," Prof. Arturo Madrid at Trinity University gave this keynote address at the 20th Anniversary of the Biennial Conference of the Puerto Rican Studies Association. His speech draws upon Noam Chomsky's 1967, "Responsibility of Intellectuals," and Dwight McDonald's 1944, "Responsibility of People." He critically discusses the changing demographics of the U.S. and the historical implications for Latinos living in the U.S. He concludes with the responsibility of Latina/o intellectuals today. You can access the speech by clicking Their America, Our América.

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