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Scholarship Fundraiser, Mira Mi Corazón

Create & donate an artistic heart to represent what education means to you OR buy these artistic hearts.

If you wish to make a heart, please fill out the form at the following link: Mira Mi Corazón.


Go to the fundraiser at El Colegio Charter School, 5:30pm,  Friday, February 15th. The event features food, drinks, & music by a DJ, followed by the silent auction at 6pm. Admission is $5.

CHIC 3752 Chicanas and Chicanos in Contemporary Society

"Chicanas and Chicanos in Contemporary Society will focus on current social, cultural and political issues impacting Chicana/o and Latina/o communities nationally and within the Midwest. Through poetry, novels, films, performance/visual art and social science research we will direct our attention to five overarching themes: education, immigration, labor & economics, environmental justice, and reproductive rights & health care."
Tuesday & Thursday 1pm-2:15 pm

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Chicanas and Chicanos in Contemporary Society.pdf

The Department of Chicano & Latino Studies at the University of Minnesota & El Colegio Charter School proudly sponsor the 2nd Annual Mira Mi Corazón (See My Heart) art exhibit & silent auction fundraiser for Latino student scholarships. Plain wooden hearts will be turned into beautiful art by members of our community to symbolize the love & aspirations we have for our youth & will be treasured by others in their homes & offices across the state symbolizing la mente, corazón, y talento de nuestra gente (the mind, heart, & talent of our people).

Like last year, we will distribute wooden hearts to professional artists, school youth, teachers, & community members for painting & decorating. All hearts will be sold in a silent auction on February 15th at El Colegio Charter School. Proceeds from the heart sales will support scholarships for graduates of El Colegio to attend a higher education institution of their choice & activities to help prepare them for college. Proceeds will also support scholarships for students in the Department of Chicano Studies at the U of MN.

We will begin distributing heart templates on January 14th at El Colegio Charter School & the Department of Chicano & Latino Studies. To reserve & pick up your (he)art canvas, please fill out the form at the end of this message & visit El Colegio at 42nd Avenue & Bloomington.

The Mira Mi Corazón auction will be held on Friday, February 15th at El Colegio Charter School. The event kicks off at 5:30pm featuring food, drinks, & music by a DJ, followed by the silent auction at 6pm. Admission to the auction is $5.

Though this event is intended to support students' ability to pay for education, the larger goal is to raise our collective awareness of the innate strength & beauty of our cultural assets that will enable us to persevere & succeed. Our corazones must reflect our aspirations for the future, our love for one another, our determination to overcome any obstacles we encounter, & our resilience to persevere. We ask that if you choose to create an art for this event, that you think of these qualities as you design your (he)art.

Come celebrate & support the educational success of local Latino youth & the artistic talent of members of our community. Should you wish to make a heart, we invite you to fill out the form Second Annual Mira Mi Corazón (He)Art Auction & Scholarship Fundraiser. To fill it out, visit the link: Mira Mi Corazón.

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