Short Autobiography And Art Responses


My name is Colton Chladek, I am a sophomore at the University of Minnesota and I'm interested in pursuing a BFA degree or one in Architecture. I am ultimately looking forward to becoming a painter and possibly a sculptor as well. I also have become interested in photography and film, and especially the construction of still photo movies. On my free time, I like to play the guitar, design art compositions in various mediums, and think about life. I hate politics, most types of folk, pop, indie, rap, and country music(there are always exceptions), and anything regarding celebrities.

Chambers Art Piece Interpretation

Andrea Stanislav
"L.W.S.2." Ashley Bickerton, 2001

This piece caught my eye because of it's subject matter, composition, and color. Even beyond the risqué subject matter my eye was first drawn to the criss-cross light pattern. The artist takes a generally thought of light source in a window and creates a grid of parallel and perpendicular rectangles that take your eye right to the blow up doll, although the light doesn't extend all the way from the window. There right side of the piece also doesn't have a known light source making those directional rectangles a little ambiguous even though it's implied that it's a similar window. It makes the doll appear as if she is basking in the sunlight even though she is an inanimate object. The man in the foreground makes the piece with his expression and location within the piece. He makes it feel as if this were a routine thing for him, and ordinary 9-5 guy that all about work and leaves no time for sociality that resorts to having a blow up doll as his partner. He also keeps nude pictures on the wall to make the doll feel more human I suppose. I also read this piece as a businessman who's cheating on his wife and he comes to a shanty motel. The sense of confinement is what gives this work a sense of ambiguity because you cant see more personal things besides sexual subjects and this is why you read it as either his bedroom in his house or a location purely used to satisfy sexual desires. There may be a political message due to the American flag but I'm unsure to what it may refer to. The whole thing is compositionally great with the variety of shapes and forms and movement throughout. Your eye isn't confused and flows throughout the image and stays engaged with the vibrancy of the hues used.

Nash Gallery Observation Piece

Laura Tiede
Cowgirl, Rowboat

This piece is probably the most eye catching for me as I am taking a painting class currently so it's interesting to notice all of the varying techniques the artist uses and to the extent of it's execution is pretty impressive. The surface itself caught my eye when the light hit it in different ways because of the glaze the artist used. This really enhances the reflective qualities of the water in this work. The blending is also very well done, especially from around ten feet away the centralized figure seems seamless in its blending execution, though up close there is a more shifty change from light to dark which I actually think works well in this case. I love the contrast of the near perfect quality of the figure and boat amidst the harshness off the angled brush strokes for the water. The complimentary colors, to me, is what makes this stand out the most. Using such a nice clean vibrant red and green together really keeps your eye focused on the subject. Piece

Henrik Menne
Mixed Media

I chose to critique this piece because I am currently in a sculpture class and it is a really striking sculpture. Through the interaction of the two separate forms via heating and gravity the glue that the artist installs makes a beautiful wave-like shape. The ingenuity of the timing and temperature relations is what's most amazing to me. It's pretty incredibly that the artist has devised (through rigorous trial and error I assume) a way to heat a large mass of glue to the appropriate temperature to melt in thin strand formations while the timing of the cooling mechanism (the fan) cools the glue strands and solidifies and captures that movement. After all of that engineering, the product that is the result of it, is a graceful and flowing wave or tree of glue strands near perfect in organization. As a viewer of this is real time, I would assume all of this spectacle would be that more mesmerizing. I think that the artist makes a good choice to simplify the sculpture in terms of color, using a near monochromatic color relationship, to focus on other aspects of the piece, though I do think the white color gives it a web like appearance. The movement of this piece is pretty amazing as well. It looks as if it is a standing waterfall or wave. This facet of its appearance makes it really dynamic. Compositionally, with the interaction between the two structures there could be more, appearance wise, although it's interaction is a direct function of it's engineering, so it's understandable. Overall this is one of the most spectacular modern sculptures I have ever seen by taking engineering, chemistry, and sculpture and creating an absolute marvel.

3 Minute Movie Film Observation
Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
Pool Party Scene

The scene opens with a close up shot of Ron's face while he announces an "urgent and terrifying news story." For ambiguity the director uses this close up to keep the location of Ron unknown. Upon the instance of the joke it zooms out to Ron making a cannon ball into the pool. Then there is a transition from Ron in his bathing suit to him wearing a robe rather dry as to show a period of time has passed as he walks up to Brian and two women. There is a trend upon filiming conversations that I notice and that is that the camera angle usually only focuses on the person talking, the talker and the listener or the entire group. When someone is just stating a general thing it focuses on them, when they are conversing it focuses on two or more to be able to see responses, or the entire group upon the time of a joke or group laughter or quick conversation amongst many. The general clothing articles are 70s attire to fit to the theme of the storyline of the prime years of anchormen which is a lot of plaid, button up shirts, yellow hues, and skirts. The lighting of the movie is more dim than most modern movies as I feel to affect the 70s theme.

BA Show


I chose this painting because in my intro course I had to come in on my own time and finish up some work, when I was in there I saw this painting. I always have shied away from doing any sorts of landscapes albeit drawing or now painting, but upon close examination of this piece, I noticed how I could emulate techniques used in this to create a landscape rather representational without meticulous work. The brushstrokes used for the trees and foliage are rather rough in a dark layer covered by lighter layers to show highlights and a final later to see the brightest spots. The same is done for the water, and by doing this, creates a more real look to both aspects of the piece. This thoroughly expedites the painting process and gives me inspiration to try my hand at it as well. The water has a nice separation and gradation between levels and makes the piece seem as if the water is misting around it, which is exceptional. Compositionally, the painting has nice perspective, but I feel that the straight on look could have been changed to give the piece more dynamism. Overall the painting is also a little dark as the whole thing could have used a direct light source to push the realism of it.

BFA Show


Overall I was not very impressed with the BFA show, as I was with the BA show. But the one piece that stood out the most was the moose sculpture. Not only because of it's shear size but it's execution with materials. The armiture itself is rather skinny but appears very sturdy. The legs themselves are wonderfully done with the angled feet that give it a hoof like appearance and still support the whole structure. The sheet metal is the most magnificent part, however. It's incredible how rough the sheet metal was treated over the armiture and how well it reads as a moose. The rusting of the metal gives it a nice appearance of fur color and the degradation of the material gives it a fuzzy and lustered look that also enhances this. I also like the antlers, because they actually have a voluminous appearance although created out of sheet metal because of the way it was manipulated. I think it's wonderful how an idea, however absract or normal, can look completely different depending on who does it and their ability to manipulate the materials they have available. I think the stance of the moose is vital to the composition because it seems more natural even though it is built out of metal.

3-Minute Scene Analysis

Fantastic Mr. Fox

The scene starts when the Fox's are going to be dug out of their tree home, so Mr. Fox jumps on a chair to announce his plan. Mr. Fox's head is top center with the camera angle zoomed out from across the table with the others looking up at him, in effort to create suspense/dramatic effect. The camera then closes up on his face abruptly to show he just had his idea. He then yells, "dig" and jumps across the table, the camera stops on him for a split second then zooms out as long as he yells. The camera then pans down a little bit, then stops while all of the members dig down to the focus of the camera. Then the camera pans while the diggers make a turn in their tunneling. The lighting in the scene is also to create a dramatic effect by having a dim lit set with subtle spotlights on their faces to create harsher shadows on not only their faces but on the background. There is also rubble coming off the house ceiling to heighten the sense of urgency.

Minnesota Original
Show 101 Response

First of all, I think the most striking thing of the new Minnesota Original show is how many artists from Minnesota are doing such amazing and modern work. Alec Soth's photography was especially interesting to me because I, myself, love doing series of works regardless of mediums. I think seeing a similar theme of something, but having each individual piece be exceptionally different on its own is a remarkable and engaging experience visually. The thing I found the most interesting with Heather Doyle's works was not the work itself, but the process to get to that final stage. Hands-on creation is one of the most satisfying things as an artist especially when it looks as, or better than, you hope for. The manipulation of raw materials into art is also fascinating to watch when you do see the final product, and it makes you appreciate it that much more. The painting piece was by far the most interesting to me. As a learning painter I have the tendency to blend everything perfectly and create a smooth layer of paint on the surface, but what Joe Paquet does with the paint he applies is nearly unfathomable to me with his mix of rough and delicate application and unmixed paints creates more detail than one could painting in the academic style. I think with the last two segments (the musical ones), they gave me some inspiration with my final sound project on how I want to create audibly engaging tones, with a rhythmic layer and other more heightened layers on top of it.


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Autobiographical Video

Flipbook Movie "Blob Love"

Audio Sound Project

Alien Observer (Cowboy Shootout)

Digital Art Project

Elemental, Experimental Sound Project With Experimental Video, Final.

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Inspiration for our current class flip book project. A Super Mario Brothers flip book based on the Super Nintendo video game.

One of the best stop motion animators, Art Clokey, the creator of Gumby.


Best Movie Ever Created, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy









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