What is leadership?

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Last week - Leadership is an ability that a person can lead others to do right things and encourage them to approach to success. Also, a leader should take care of community, individuals in it. Sometimes, individual's value would be different and make conflict in community. Leader should have wisdom to solve that issue which will be fair for everyone.

This Week - Leadership is a skill to lead others to do right things and encourage them to approach to success. Also, sometimes leader should command to people not to show off the power but to let people to do things in time. In addition, leadership is not given as born but people get it through experience. Leader should understand diversity value of individual.

I thought, leader should know how to command people in right way sometimes. This week, John yang led us to make group for the project. He said he wants people to go and find their own group under certain condition. Even though conditions he made were awesome, we were not able to make group for everyone. I think if he could command at some point and let people move, it would be more effective. But still he did good job and I am not trying to critic him. Also from writing my presentaion paper, I recalled the idea : leadership is given vs made. I think I am a made leader from my experiences. I had many opportunities to learn leadership and that made me as a leader.

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