What is Leadership

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Last Week - To get leadership, people need not to be afraid of failure because they can learn from those . Also leadership can't be made without followers and trust from group. Person who are not afrai to challenge oneself to take a position and even though one fails, he or she keeps going on. Then we can tell that that person has great leadership.

This Week - Leadership is an ability that a person can lead others to do right things and encourage them to approach to success. Also, it is a brave to be example to others. So people follow a leader and that is when leadership is made.

From five minute inspirations, i changed my definition little bit. I think leader should lead people to do right thinngs and should be the one who do it first. So other people can follow. As the number of followers increases, the leadership also increases. But still I think that leader should not be afraid to challenge oneself and fail because failure is another step to approach to achievement.

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