November 19, 2008

Al Qaeda thinks Obama is a house slave

CNN reports that a Statement made by Ayman al-Zawahiri appeared Wednesday on Islamist Web sites. TheTerrorist leader calls Obama "direct opposite of honorable black Americans," like Malcolm X, but more like a house slave. a term that Malcolm X used. "A heavy legacy of failure and crimes awaits you," al Qaeda leader allegedly threatens. He says that Obamas world view is wrong and that his siding with the jews to climb the political ladder are dishonorable.
Al-Zawahiri refers not oly to Obama as a house slave, but other black leaders like powell and rice as well. The Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned the statements and terrorism.

Chinese President visits Cuba

CNN reports Hu Jintao is touring Latin America to build China's political and investment ties.
Jintao stopped in Cuba to talk to former president Castro and current president Castro. other stops on the trip includes Costa Rica and Peru
Cuban state TV announced signing of Cuba-China trade pact
Cuba was devastated recently by three hurricanes which did $10 billion worth of damage, Jintao has promised $350 million to help.

Bachmann on tv again

Strib reports that Bachmann appeared on Hannity and Colmes tv show on Fox News on tuesday.
When questioned about her comments on Hardball saying that there should be an inquiry into whether members of congress are anti-american, she said it was an urban-legend and that she did not say that.
She claimed Obama was going to be more of the same because alot of his appointments are recycled from the Clinton administation.
She attacked the Minnesota recount, saying that Franken was just going to stuff the ballot with rejected votes.
How did she win?

Stevens loses Alaska's senate seat

Strib reports Alaskan senator Ted Steven's conceded defeat Wednesday.
He was convicted of a felony earlier this year for trying to hide gifts he had recieved while in office from oil execs.
Democrat Mark Begich won by a little more than 3,700 votes out of over 315,000 votes cast.
Stevens was running for his seventh term as senator, he was the longest serving senator in office.
Begich says he is different than New York Democrats, he is pro-guns, pro-drilling ANWAR, and pro-less government.

Recount begins

The Strib reports that the recount of the votes for Minnesota senate race between Coleman and Franken began Wednesday.
Franken gained 28 votes in Saint Louis County.
A representative from Coleman's camp said that they were surprised how low Franken's gain was in that county which historically votes Democrat.
The gains were due to an optical reader which cant read lines that are to faint.
Colemans lead is 195 votes, down from 215 votes after day one.
there were a total of 2.9 million votes cast in the senatorial race.
the PP reoprts that Franken's plea to have uncounted absentee ballots reviewed was approved.

November 17, 2008

New money encouraging Chinese students to come to US

CNN reports that China's economic boom allows more students to afford overseas education.
They like U.S. schools for out-of-class activities, open environment and diversity.
International students, families add $15 billion annually to U.S. economy.
Chinese enrollment grew by 8 percent in fall of 2006 and 20 percent last year.
I anecdotally have heard that because of the economic boom and because of the value of the american dollar, Chinese students that come from fairly regular households come to america with $50,000 in their bank accounts that get replenished every few months.

Pirates take Saudi Tanker and crew

CNN reports Pirates in the Arabian Sea took a Saudi-owned oil tanker with 25 crew aboard.
The article says that two of the crew are British, but doesn't say the numbers of the other nationalities aboard. That seems a little racist to me. I can understand if they were American, maybe even Canadian, but Britain is not us, and it implies that we really only care about white English speaking people and everyone else can go to hell.
A multinational naval force has been patrolling the Gulf of Aden to stop pirate attacks.
Sunday a Japanese 20,000 ton vessel was seized off Somalia's coast.
eleven vessels are being held for ransom by pirates.

November 16, 2008

MOA crazy for vampires

The Strib reports that more than 1200 people were at the Mall of America Friday to see some castmembers from Twilight.
Twilight is a movie based on a book, that has been compared to Harry Potter, both in its a ppeal to young adn old and its mystical elements.
"The decibel level was "the loudest I've ever heard for any event here," said mall spokesman Dan Jasper."
The article was three pages long and after the first blurb was filled with quotes from the fans at the event. lots of awkward quotes that the people interviewed, mostly young girls, will regret.

Friends no longer um being charged in Amanda Jax's drinking death.

Strib reports Amanda Jax died after drinking large quantities of alcohol provided by friends at Sidelines Bar and Grille.
The friends were charged in a wrongful death suit. Prosecutors say they charged the friends in order to get all the information leading to Jax's death and that a suit against the friends would benefit no parties.
The friends were acquitted of charges related to Jax's death.
Previously there were charges against Sidelines as well, these charges remain.
The family seeks $50,000 from the now defunct bar.

rally for gay rights in minneapolis and country

The Strib reports that 700 people in Minneapolis protested the bans on gay marriage that were passed in several states during the election November 4th.
Join the Impact, the group that organized the protest, asked participants to be respectful of other groups in disagreement with their cause. Similar protests have become violent.
Amy Balliett, a Seattle Blogger, planned the protests days after California's proposition 8 was passed which took away tens of thousands of californians marriages.
State Sen. Joe Marty and Rep. Karen Clark have vowed to push for more gay rights.

November 5, 2008

racially diverse atlantans thank obama

The CNN stories headline is Atlantans thank Obama: 'We can become something great.' The only people in the story are african-americans however... that is a little racist if they are saying atlantans.
They have a quote saying that Obama has done for politics what Tiger Woods did for golf, I feel like this is downplaying aspects about how historic this moment is. everything one black guy does iscan apparently only be seen in the context of what every black guy has done.
A barber interviewed says that blacks are no longer relegated to just shucking and jiving, which is pretty damned racist towards non blacks who definately have not attempted to do any relegating of that sort.

Mexico's Interior Minister dead from plane crash

The BBC reports that Interior Minister Juan Camilo Mourino, 37, became known as the president's strongman as he lead the battles against Mexico's drug cartels.
Mexico's president paid tribute to him as one of his best friends.
"With his death, Mexico has lost a great Mexican, intelligent, loyal and committed to his ideals and his country," Mr Calderon told a news conference.
Despite adding 36,000 troops added to fight the drug cartels, violence has soared

Californians ban gay marriage

CNN reports that 52 percent of voters approved Proposition 8 which eliminated the right of gay couples to marry.
The amendment overrides a state supreme court ruling in may that legalized same-sex marriage.
Voters in Arizona and Florida passed amendments that made marriage only a union between one man and one woman.
Arizona failed to pass a similar measure in 2006. this year 56 percent voted to ban it. in Florida 62 percent passed it.

America not so bad after all

The Strib reports that Barack Obama, the multiracial son of a Kansasite and Kenyan became the 44th president of america on a campaign built on hope.
What started as improbable two years ago ended in a commanding electoral victory over John McCain.
"If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dreams of our founders are alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer," Obama told a crowd of 125,000 weeping, flag waiving supporters in Chicago's Grant Park.
As the news came out that he was the winner impromptu street parties struck in cities throughout the nation.
The MnDaily reports that it was happening right on The U of M's campus aswell.

Man killed by brother and sister

The Strib reports that Edwin Hawes, 46, is believed to have been shot with a crossbow, beaten with a bat and run over at his Andover home by his brother and sister:Andrew Hawes, 36, and Elizabeth Hawes, 43.
After being killed, his body was taken across the state and thrown into a firepit on a farm in rural southwestern Minnesota.
When authorities arrived at the farm at 1 a.m. to inquire about the large illegal fire, Elizabeth Hawes' response was "that's not my brother."
Dental records indicated it was her brother.
The Strib reprts that Andres Hawes' girlfriend, Kritina Dorniden is accused of aiding and abetting second-degree-murder. her bail is set for $500,000.
The siblings bail will be set later this week.