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leads analysis

From The Star Tribune: Jimmy Nisser flashes a mile-wide grin in what was likely the last photo taken of him before his death.

The who and the what are the W's represented in this lead, however the what is really general. The headline already gives away that the death resulted from a hit and run and the deceased was on a bike, but the lead just says he died. This is not a straightforward lead, the Who is a nobody but his name is the very first word in the story. I think the writer did this because he wanted to introduce us to a real person, a real person who was not just the victim of a hit and run. At the end of this story I felt real bad for Jimmy and the community that he lived in, where as in other crime stories I don't really feel like that. This was a story more about Jimmy than the crime and the lead let us know that right away. Sometimes a small town kind of story with no real relevance can have the most impact.