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Man killed by brother and sister

The Strib reports that Edwin Hawes, 46, is believed to have been shot with a crossbow, beaten with a bat and run over at his Andover home by his brother and sister:Andrew Hawes, 36, and Elizabeth Hawes, 43.
After being killed, his body was taken across the state and thrown into a firepit on a farm in rural southwestern Minnesota.
When authorities arrived at the farm at 1 a.m. to inquire about the large illegal fire, Elizabeth Hawes' response was "that's not my brother."
Dental records indicated it was her brother.
The Strib reprts that Andres Hawes' girlfriend, Kritina Dorniden is accused of aiding and abetting second-degree-murder. her bail is set for $500,000.
The siblings bail will be set later this week.