November 5, 2008

racially diverse atlantans thank obama

The CNN stories headline is Atlantans thank Obama: 'We can become something great.' The only people in the story are african-americans however... that is a little racist if they are saying atlantans.
They have a quote saying that Obama has done for politics what Tiger Woods did for golf, I feel like this is downplaying aspects about how historic this moment is. everything one black guy does iscan apparently only be seen in the context of what every black guy has done.
A barber interviewed says that blacks are no longer relegated to just shucking and jiving, which is pretty damned racist towards non blacks who definately have not attempted to do any relegating of that sort.

October 15, 2008


City Pages advanced CSI: The Experience at the Science Museum.

The story talks about the different "crime scenes" within the exhibit. the angle is that the visitor gets to pretend that they are a real csi investigator. the only source seems to be info on the exhibit. they give the price at the end.

October 8, 2008

press conference analysis

The Strib reported that on Wednesday both Franken and Coleman held press releases on how to help people save in this shitty economy. The article said that Franken jabbed at Coleman's ideas and said he would not support any private aspect of scial security.
Frankens press release, on his websites blog says that in a lot more words and alot more detail, such as who supports Franken's plans.

September 29, 2008

three kids hit by a car updated 20 mins ago

the story is being reported by the strib
The first info block says what happened (three kids hit by a car) where they are (HCMC) and where/when it happened (columbia heights, Saturday night).
The next block says their ages, but says authorities wont release there names/relationships to one another.
The next block gives the exact time and the intersection where the accident happaned, they say the intersection is controlled by lights and it is unclear who had the right of way.
The next block says the man who hit them was 43 and cooperating with police. it also says its to early to tell what was the cause of the accident, or whether drugs/alcohol played a part.
the final block says there were other people with the kids.
I think the reporter did this effectively. people want to know what happened and to whom,
the exact time is important because it is wierd that 4-6 year olds would be up at 11:20 pm.
Then they give info about the driver and specify that he is cooperating and they arnt sure of the cause yet. thats important because it gives all the info and doesnt make anyone seem guilty yet. finally the info about the kids being with people is important but maybe it should have been included earlier like when the details about the crash were given.

September 12, 2008

leads analysis

From The Star Tribune: Jimmy Nisser flashes a mile-wide grin in what was likely the last photo taken of him before his death.

The who and the what are the W's represented in this lead, however the what is really general. The headline already gives away that the death resulted from a hit and run and the deceased was on a bike, but the lead just says he died. This is not a straightforward lead, the Who is a nobody but his name is the very first word in the story. I think the writer did this because he wanted to introduce us to a real person, a real person who was not just the victim of a hit and run. At the end of this story I felt real bad for Jimmy and the community that he lived in, where as in other crime stories I don't really feel like that. This was a story more about Jimmy than the crime and the lead let us know that right away. Sometimes a small town kind of story with no real relevance can have the most impact.