November 19, 2008

Al Qaeda thinks Obama is a house slave

CNN reports that a Statement made by Ayman al-Zawahiri appeared Wednesday on Islamist Web sites. TheTerrorist leader calls Obama "direct opposite of honorable black Americans," like Malcolm X, but more like a house slave. a term that Malcolm X used. "A heavy legacy of failure and crimes awaits you," al Qaeda leader allegedly threatens. He says that Obamas world view is wrong and that his siding with the jews to climb the political ladder are dishonorable.
Al-Zawahiri refers not oly to Obama as a house slave, but other black leaders like powell and rice as well. The Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned the statements and terrorism.

November 16, 2008

MOA crazy for vampires

The Strib reports that more than 1200 people were at the Mall of America Friday to see some castmembers from Twilight.
Twilight is a movie based on a book, that has been compared to Harry Potter, both in its a ppeal to young adn old and its mystical elements.
"The decibel level was "the loudest I've ever heard for any event here," said mall spokesman Dan Jasper."
The article was three pages long and after the first blurb was filled with quotes from the fans at the event. lots of awkward quotes that the people interviewed, mostly young girls, will regret.

November 5, 2008

America not so bad after all

The Strib reports that Barack Obama, the multiracial son of a Kansasite and Kenyan became the 44th president of america on a campaign built on hope.
What started as improbable two years ago ended in a commanding electoral victory over John McCain.
"If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dreams of our founders are alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer," Obama told a crowd of 125,000 weeping, flag waiving supporters in Chicago's Grant Park.
As the news came out that he was the winner impromptu street parties struck in cities throughout the nation.
The MnDaily reports that it was happening right on The U of M's campus aswell.

October 29, 2008

Iowa meatpackers fined $10 million for fucking employees

The Strib reports that Agriprocessor, a kosher meatpacking plant, has been fined $10 million by the state of Iowa after one of America's largest immigration raids.
The company was raided because of repeated violations of Iowa's wage laws.
In their time sheets they made illegal deductions for tax/miscellaneous 3400 times.
They made illegal deduction from employees for protective clothing 96,000 times.
They failed to pay 42 employees their last paycheck.
389 people were arrested. Plant owners and managers have been charged with over 9,100 misdemeanors for hiring minors.
two human resource employees have been accused of helping illegal workers file fake documents.

October 15, 2008

Today (pre-debate) Obama has 277 electoral votes

CNN reports that Obama has 277 electoral votes, McCain has 174 and 87 are up in the air. 270 electoral votes are needed to become president.
On the 7th Obama had 264 votes but since then he won over Virginia and their 13 votes, a state that has not voted democrat in 44 years.
In a CNN poll of polls Obama is favored to win 50 percent of the votes, McCain 43 percent ofthe votes and 8 percent of voters are undecided.
They stressed that this poll is a "snapshot in time" and a lot can change in 20 days.

October 8, 2008

Negativity all around, and Cindy McCain is an idiot

CNN reports that a moving graph at the bottom of the screen at tuesday's debate showed that whenever a candidate threw a jab the voters reaction dipped.
It was true for both candidates. a Professor at Emory University in Atlanta said that the only people that like negative jabs are the really partisan voters, but they already know who theyre going to vote for, negativity affects the undecided voters in a... negative way. so they are actually hurting themselves whenever they try and throw even the slightest jab.
In a seperate CNN article they report that McCain is asking voters who the real Obama is? McCain asked that at a rally in Pennsylvania. he has also released a new ad attacking Obama with Obama's quotes that could have come from anywhere in reference to anything, finally saying that he is not presedential.
He is trying to campaign against Obama's trustworthiness in order to hide the real issues. The McCain campaign sent out an email on Wednesday talking about Obama's connection with Ayers, a leader of the 1970's terrorist group the weather underground.
"Those attacks don't hurt Barack Obama or me. They hurt you,Every single false charge and baseless accusation is an attempt to get you to stop paying attention to what's going on in this country. Beyond the attacks, what is John McCain really offering?" Biden said.
On Monday Obama's campaign released a web video detailing McCains involvement in the Keating Five scandal in the 1980's.
Cindy McCain said that Obama is running the dirtiest campaign in American history.

October 5, 2008

Smear campaigns

CNN reports Obama accused the McCain campaign of trying to run a smear campaign against him, and the McCain cam responded by saying that everything they have been saying are true facts. Palin accused Obama of palling around with terrorists which is in reference to a 1970’s radical, Bill Ayers, that Obama had worked with on non profit organization in the 1990’s. Obama has released an ad accusing McCain of erratic behavior. All of this comes before their second presidential debate scheduled for Tuesday.

September 29, 2008

Dream girl stolen by Van Wilder...

The Assosciated Press reports that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds got married in a small ceremony in Vancouver, British Colombia.
The coule announced there engagement in May and said they were taking there time and enjoying being young.
The AP quotes Johannson as saying "I mean, I'm 23. There's no reason to rush into it. Everything feels very natural and relaxed."

September 12, 2008

Saudi Arabia bans Bangladeshi immigrant workers

The Daily Star reports that Saudi Arabia is no longer issuing Visas for household and agricultural workers and that children of Bangladeshis in any sector that are turning 18 years of age are being denied Visas and face deportation.
According to the Saudi Gazette the children of workers deported so far have been mostly female.
Saudi Arabia is the largest employer of Bangladeshi immigrants, 1.8 million currently work there. 300 housemaids were arriving a month.
Bangladeshis however are the only nation being singled out not to work in these areas. The Saudi government says that it is because they want to even out the number of foreigners that they employ.
The reporter added that a large number of crimes committed in Saudi Arabia are perpetrated by Bangladeshis and a popular website called "no to corruption" has gone up recently that calls to stop recruiting Bangladeshi workers.