Nurse couple honored for saving man's life

                          A St. Paul couple were honored Monday for saving a man's life, receiving Chief's award from St.Paul Police Department.
                          The award is the highest honor given to non-sworn personnel in the department, said spokesman Sgt. Paul Schnell. Ryan and Amy Sportel received an award on Monday for their action, saving man's life on Aug. 27, reported the Star Tribune.
                          While caring for their 11-day-old baby, the couple helped a 60-year-old Terry Bushard, who had a heart attack while he was driving, which led to a car crash last August, reported the Pioneer Press.
                           According to the Star Tribune, Ryan and Amy Sportel, administered CPR to Bushard until paramedics arrived, Star Tribune reported.
                           Ryan Sportel, 34, works as a nurse anesthetist at the Fairview Red Wing Medical Center and Amy Sportel, 31, is a nurse in the intensive care unit at United Hospital in St. Paul.
                           St. Paul police chief John Harrington said, the couple's action was "quite truly was life-saving intervention. If it had not happened, another St. Paulite would have perished that day."

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