August 9, 2004

David Kolb on what it all means

At the conclusion of Experiential Education, Kolb connects experiential learning with integrity and transcendence, in a circular process of knowing. Using the Buddhist Tantric symbol of a mandala, Kolb connects the pieces:

"The capacity for such integrated judgment seems to be borne out of transcendence, wherein the conflicts that those of us at lower levels of insight perceive as win-lose are recast into a higher form that can make everyone a winner, or can make winning and losing irrelevant. And fianlly, with centering comes commitment in the integration of abstract ideals in the concrete here-and-now of one's life. When we act from our center, the place of truth within us, action is based on the fusion of value and fact, meaning and relevance, and hence is totally committed. Only by personal commitment to the here-and-now of one's life situation, fully accepting one's past and takign choiceful responsbility for one's future, is the dialectic conflict necessary for learning experienced. The dawn of integrity comes with the acceptance of responsibility for the course of own's own life. For in taking responsibility for the world, we are given back the power to change it (1984, pp. 229-230).

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