October 13, 2004

Knowledge Production Update

This week, much of my work on my project has been informal. Last Thursday, I attended the Minnesota Association for Developmental Education, where I presented on technology and language learning. I introduced Prensky's concepts of digital immigrants and digital natives. I think part of my argument was that as teachers, we have much to learn about technology from our students. I think my presentation was very well-received, and many teachers seemed to be inspired to add a tech component to their courses. A high point for me was to talk to a seasoned teacher about her frustrations in adding technology. When I told her that the best technological components of a class are the ones that feel right and are do-able, she really took to the idea that she could add something to her course.

How does this relate to my project? I think language learning in the future is going to become increasingly individualized and context-specific. I don't think any cookie cutter is going to serve as a model for how language learning should be.

This next week, I want to spend more time getting into the knowledge and innovation literature and making connections between those readings and my project.

Posted by chri1010 at October 13, 2004 11:56 PM