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October 4, 2004

Fall Frenzy!

Since I've been back in the cities, I've definitely felt the pace of life picking up. Of course, I manage to teach, take (a few too many) classes, nurture and support Chris (also a doctoral student), and parent the most wonderful child on the planet. As I somehow manage to balance these committments with enthusiasm, blog time seems to fly by. So, dear readers, I apologize for the more irregularity of my postings. Summer in Portland definitely offers a more leisurely pace to chronicle life as I continue the journey.

The past week has been devoted to the final organization and editing of a book chapter I have been involved with. The book is about the General College as a model for developmental education, and the chapter is about the Commanding English program as a model program for Generation 1.5 students. As I've been working on the final parts of the process, I've been reminded how much I enjoy the revision part of writing. There's something downright fun in reverse outlining a long piece of writing and reconsidering the organizational structure. Of course, my long-term goal is to learn to do that part without having so many print -out copies that end up in a jumbled mess on the floor.

With my eyes glued to the screen this last week, I haven't really noticed that the temperature outside has really dropped. The cool, crispiness of fall has definitely arrived, and sadly, that means winter isn't far behind. I enjoy fall, with the swirling dead leaves, pumpkins, and want for a steaming cup of apple cider, but I wish we could somehow skip winter.

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