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October 17, 2004

Mall of America

I'd like to say that I don't shop at the Mall of America, but, let's face it--it's the closest mall to my house. It's definitely easier to shop at a mall when you have a three-year-old. Getting him in and out of the car to go to a myriad of different stores gets old fast. So, off to the mall we go, sometimes when we need things, sometimes when we just need to surround ourselves with some good ol' American commercialism.

Jurgen already knows the Mall of America when he sees it from the freeway. "It's the Mall of America!" he squeals. Sometimes he insists that he'd prefer to go to IKEA, which is pretty amazing, considering he's been there only twice. Jurgen likes the mall because he likes Lego Land, all the kiosk vendors trying to push their overpriced toys onto weary parents (it never works for us), and Marshall's (where he often scores a Thomas the Tank Engine toy of some kind or another). He also likes to stroll through Camp Snoopy and watch the rollercoaster zoom by.

The expanse of the Mall of America can be really overwhelming at times. I don't like going there when I just want to go to one store because it seems like I have to walk forever to get to the one store. And, the crowds can be a bit crazy to maneuver through with a stroller.

So there I was, on Saturday, going to the Mall of America with Jurgen and my friend Holly. We drove there in Holly's car, and before we left, I couldn't find Jurgen's stroller so we ended up renting one at the mall. The mall strollers aren't very good at confining a three year old, and they're also so low to the ground that it's hard to hear what he's trying to say. So, of course he threw a bit of a tantrum when he thought we weren't going to where he wanted to go. We walked almost the entire circumference of the third floor trying to figure out what he was wanting and simultaneously hoping he was going to collapse into a nap. When we realized he wanted a turn to shop (ah, three-year-olds!), things got a lot easier. But between the pre-Halloween crowds and the Pokemon festival, we decided there wasn't anything we were really yearning for, and we decided to leave.

That's when the real challenge began! We'd parked on the roof, and on the way out, we somehow ended up in a serious traffic jam, taking us almost 30 minutes just to exit the parking ramp! I'm definitely looking forward to the day when I can take the light rail to the mall, stroller and all.

Posted by chri1010 at October 17, 2004 11:08 PM


hey i luv the malll of america it's the best place on earth

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