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April 17, 2005


I'm in the process of scheduling my oral prelims. I can't believe that I'm actually moving on to take the next step and become ABD, but hopefully that will happen on June 3rd. In the meantime, I have a lot of writing to do on my special topics paper. In fact, I have to turn in a draft of my paper to my advisor on Wednesday (theoretically, Tuesday night via email).

This is where being a writing instructor comes in handy because I'm not really sweating it out at this point. I know that a draft is just a draft, and I have over a month to get this paper done. It's something I've been working on in stages for awhile, although I don't really think that I've "officially" written a word--yet!

I'm starting to get excited for the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm imagining a day when I might be a faculty instead of a student. But first, I've got to get this special topics paper written.

Posted by chri1010 at April 17, 2005 12:10 AM


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Posted by: Bebe Lavani at August 10, 2012 8:09 AM

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