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November 25, 2005

Tribblegate Aside...

Since I'm slowly emerging on the job market, I've been thinking a bit about academic blogging and Tribblegate. Although I might not blog as much as I'd like to, I nonetheless find blogging an important part of being a doctoral student, and I really appreciate the community of dissertating bloggers out there.

So, where do I stand as far as outing myself as a blogger on the job search?

Two confessions:

1. I make no mention of my blogs in my CV or in my job letters. While blogging is certainly a potential selling-point, it seems to me to be something I can wait to bring up in an interview, should there be one. I'm not convinced I won't make the cut based on my blog omission.

2. I googled my name recently, only to find that because my name isn't associated with this, or any of my other blogs, the only things that show up are things I would want any potential employers to see without a doubt: my name in conference programs, online professional articles, my listing in the General College directory. Of course, one of my blogs is listed there because my name was included as part of the postings, but that is for my online symposium blog, and quite frankly, it's also listed on my CV.

Am I ashamed to be a blogger? No way! But, I do think that on the job hunt, it's important to be in control of how much I reveal to potential employers. For this reason, I'll probably make little mention of this blog, although I may mention a couple of my academic and teaching-oriented blogs.

In a job interview last spring, it was important to me to mention my identity as a blogger, but for some reason, I wasn't fully prepared for the question, "So, what blogs do you read regularly??" At that moment, I realized that the vast majority of blogs I read would likely define me politically, and I wasn't sure how that would influence my job prospects. I'm all for the "if they had a problem with it, they're not the job for you" rhetoric, but I'm also pragmatic. If there's anything my time in Minnesota has taught me, it's that pragmatism does have some advantages over youthful idealism. So, blogging goes on, and so does the job search...we'll see how they intersect over time.

Posted by chri1010 at November 25, 2005 11:08 PM


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