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January 2, 2006

Triple Feature!!

Today, I accomplished a personal goal--three movies in one day! I've never been one to go to the movies much, so this may be no big deal to most people. But for me, this was an accomplishment! We took advantage of the university being closed (no work today) and J's childcare center being open. In order to get three movies squeezed in before picking up J, we had some limits to our choices. We saw Brokeback Mountain at 10, Memoirs of a Geisha at 12:30 (both at Crossroads) and then a quick trip over to Har Mar for Harry Potter at 2:50. Done by 5:30. I want Planet Walt to know that we didn't sneak into the second feature (even though we should have). Instead, we got into the first film for free because it was listed, even though the theater wasn't planning to open until noon. I guess they didn't have someone to sell tickets. After three movies, coming out of the theater to darkness was really depressing. But it was a fun day!

Posted by chri1010 at January 2, 2006 8:46 PM


Congrats on your first triple feature! Next time, though, you've got to stay at the same theater for all three and sneak into features 2 and 3 after paying for the first. I know, I know, you're a mom and are supposed to set a good example for J, but he doesn't have to find out about it till he's 21 :) .

Posted by: Walt at January 9, 2006 11:13 AM

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