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February 2, 2009

Birth Story

Finally, a few minutes while baby S snoozes to give the relatively short chronicle of her birth.

I had decided to take January 7th off to get a few things done before the baby's birth. As it turned out, I accomplished a number of things that day. In fact, I

1. Ordered two new pairs of glasses for myself
2. Went to Costco and bought a boat-load of fruit (most of which went bad while I was in the hospital, by the way).
3. Got my hair cut and styled
4. Bought a few different craft kits for J to work on in the coming weeks
5. Walked around Babies R Us and contemplated getting a few more items for baby
6. Bought and roasted a chicken, along with a fresh vegetable medley
7. Panicked about my mother's visit and bought a couple of roasts for her to make while here

After all of that, I decided to sit down and put my feet up, and that's when I started to notice the contractions. They were very regular, but not very strong. When C and J got home, I asked C to time the contractions, and we noticed they were coming about 9 minutes apart. We ate dinner, and we watched some tv while we contemplated what to do next. I figured we should probably go to the hospital at some point, but on the other hand, the contractions weren't really that strong. Yet, they felt different from the contractions I'd been having for the last several weeks.

Eventually, we decided we should call the OB on call and find out if she wanted us to come in. Knowing she would have us come in, I told C to make sure J had his overnight bag packed (we were planning he'd stay at a friend's house), and I went to take a bath. Around 10pm, I finally called the OB on call, and she told me to come in, but they would probably send me home after determining that I wasn't in active labor.

The whole ride to the hospital, I protested that here we were, having another false alarm. It felt so stupid to me to be going in to the hospital for them to keep me a couple hours and send me home. C kept reassuring me that this was no big deal to be going to the hospital again. J was excited to think maybe his sister would be born that night.

When we got to the hospital, the nurse told us that she was pretty sure that we'd be there a couple hours and then I'd go home. She kept telling me that I wasn't in enough pain to possibly be in labor, even if the contractions were coming pretty regularly. She hooked me up to the monitors, and we waited for the doctor to come do the cervical check.

[Minor detail: at this point, J went home with a friend. Not the friends who were initially going to host him, but it all worked out. J was pretty excited and didn't sleep so much that night--he's still pretty thrilled to have a little sister.]

When the doctor did the check, I was still and 1 cm and pretty much unchanged from the last check, which had happened a week previous. She said she'd give me an hour and a half, and they'd do another check before sending me home. For awhile C and I walked around, but mostly I just rested in the uncomfortable little triage bed and we talked about how difficult it all seemed to have a scheduled c-section but all of these trips to the hospital and questions about when the baby would be born. We admited we just wanted things to be over.

At about 2am, the doctor came back to do the second cervical check. As it turned out, I had progressed to 3cm, which seemed to surprise everyone. We moved quickly to the c-section. Suddenly, I went from calm and collected to excited. I couldn't stop shaking. I was in shock. A nurse quickly came in and set me up with an IV. I was wheeled to the operating room, and the next thing I knew I was getting my epidural. Before I knew it, I couldn't feel my legs, and I was getting oxygen and the doctors were prepping for the surgery.

I found the whole surgery to be a very relaxing experience. C was right there with me, and I just kept focusing on taking long, deep breaths. I think the surgery started around 3:10am, and baby S was born at 3:26. The overhead music was playing Stand By Me when they showed me my little girl. C went to the nursery with S to give her a bath and do her neonatal testing while I got stitched back up.

We all got together in the recovery room, and then spent four leisurely days in the hospital before coming home.


Now the real journey begins!

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