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December 3, 2005

Frustration Sets In....

Let me just begin by saying that this is NOT the time to feel overwhelmingly frustrated about this whole process of dissertating. I really feel like the prospectus part is a lot harder than I anticipated. A lot harder than i thought just two weeks ago.

I can tell by how clean my house is right now that I'm resistant. I think there's still too many loose ends to tie. I'm not sure I'm going to make my deadline, which is coming up on Monday, no less.

I'm feeling so challenged by this process, I've begun to think: why did I chose THIS major? why did I choose THIS university? I feel frustrated by the fact that I sort of have ended up not on the path I intended, but on another one that is also useful and interesting.

I have to remind myself it's just a dissertation. It's just a big hairy paper, as a friend likes to say. The bottom line is, it needs to get done and then I can do whatever else the heck I want. It doesn't have to define me, except in so much as it is what will earn me the degree.

Get it done. Move on. Not enough inspiration here to fuel the process. That is the problem.

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