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January 30, 2007

Baby Yoko Sweater

So, I've knit my first sweater--a baby sweater for my friend Yoko, who is going to have a baby any minute. Being a relatively new knitter, I wanted a pattern that was both relatively easy and interesting. Hence, the Baby Yoda sweater from Dogs Steal Yarn.

I like Baby Yoda in its original Jedi-grey. Yet, I wanted to change things up a bit as Yoko's not quite so into the Force. And, she's not telling boy or girl, but knowing her as I do, a grey sweater wouldn't work for a girl. (Remember, though, you're talking to the woman who lets her own boy wear pink tropical fruit pants. I don't have a problem with changing it up gender-wise, but thre's a time and a place for everything).

Anyway, this sweater was knit with Knitpicks Shine worsted. I think it knit up really well. Obviously, I used 4 balls of yarn--I mostly had scraps left. It was a little tricky blending the colors at the collar, so don't look too closely at that part, but overall, I think it turned out great. I hope Yoko and her baby like it!

New Folder 2007 027a.jpg

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Dog Likes Yarn

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January 26, 2007

Friday dog blogging

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This is S. We also call her Girlie, and sometimes we call her Girlie Girl. She's a strong, small, sleek dog. She's starting to get old, but she's not slowing down much.

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January 10, 2007


January 9, 1982 A boy in Ohio wrote a letter to a kid he hoped would be his pen pal. He wrote a little about himself--how he liked to go to the Cincinnati Nature Center and how he was playing basketball but spent most of his time benchwarming. He licked the envelop and sent that letter off with his dad, who mailed it at work.

January 13, 1982 A girl in North Dakota trudged though the deep afternoon snowfall and arrived home to see a letter on the table. The letter had her name spelled wrong--clearly its writer thought she was a boy. She was temporarily devastated, but wrote back to say that "first of all, I am a girl. Second, I would still like to write to you."

Thus began an 8-year exchange of letters, occasional photos and gifts, and lots of Garfied cartoons.

Over the years, their friendship grew. They shared some of their deepest secrets in the security of the distance. When they eventually met face-to-face, they were not surprised when their friendship grew to romance. They weren't surprised when they eventually got married, traveled around together, and had a wonderful child. Above all, they weren't surprised that when times were tough, they would look back on those letters for strength and encouragement.

Yesterday, we looked back on those first two letters. We thought about how lucky we are to have somehow, through it all, found each other. We thought about how lucky we are to have each other as friends. And, we celebrated.

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