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March 22, 2007

If It's Thursday, It Must Be Seattle

I've been here in Seattle since Sunday. On Monday, I co-presented a preconference workshop on tools and techniques for creating intercultural classrooms for TESOL. Tomorrow, I'm doing a presentation on a research project I did awhile back.

Yesterday, I went to a few sessions, but honestly, this conference is primarily focused on classroom based activities for language learning. There's not very many big picture type sessions, and few policy-oriented sessions. So, it's a sort of weird space--my former self, my current self. Not entirely sure what I'm doing here, except that it's a great mental space to be in.

I love the rain, and the moisture. I love that I don't have an umbrella in spite of all the rain. I love that today is the 4th time I've eaten Japanese food since I've been here. I love the Pike Place Market--the fresh fruits and veggies, the gorgeous flowers (daffodils--it's spring, after all). It's gonna be hard to leave, but at least I have a few more days.

Sometimes the professional travel really becomes about personal growth, doesn't it?

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