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May 24, 2007

Is This Yarn Ugly?

My sock yarn came in the mail the other day, and for some reason, it underwhelms me. So, for some reason, I decided to try my hand at dyeing my own. I had a skein of KnitPicks Bare, and some Wilton food dye I picked up for the occasion. I read an article about dyeing yarn on Knitty, and got started. Some things I learned from this process:

1. It's probably best to stay far, far away from colors that have the potential to make brown on your first foray into dyeing. For awhile there, I had a bit of a brown thing going, but carefully averted it all by overdyeing into purple.

2. The more dye you use, the more intense the colors will be. I think it's going to take awhile for this lesson to sink in--I wasn't going for such deep colors.

3. Even when things don't work out, well, they might still work out. This yarn is NOT for my sock pal, but I think it's making a fine enough pair of socks for me.

my first sock yarn.jpg
Is this yarn ugly? I thought so at first, but I'm starting to warm up to it. It's like a berry compote explosion!

In other sock yarn news, my sock yarn really did arrive. I've neglected to post a picture until now because we misplaced the camera in the move. Sorry for the quality--it's the best I could do under the circumstances:

sock yarn choices
They are Great Adirondack Silky Sock in colorways Balsalm and Deep Blue Sea. I picked the Balsalm initially because my sock pal likes oranges and greens, but right now, I'm thinking it's not going to work well with Baudelaire. I'm leaning toward the Deep Blue Sea, but I'm also thinking about scraping it all and ordering some Socks That Rock Midsummers Night, Jade, or Rose Quartz.

What do you think?

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Tag! I'm IT!

Kate tagged me for the 7 Random Things meme. I would have posted sooner, but I've been down and out with a little head cold. I'm still not feeling fantastic, but well enough to come up with 7 Random Things About ME:

1. I am an American Idol fan. Yes, it's true. It actually began as a way to get through the long dark MN winter--Tuesdays and Wednesdays became something to look forward to, and when the show is over for the season, it's practically summer. Someone asked me recently if I like the show because I wish I could get up there and sing--is it the performer in me? No, quite honestly, it's the evaluator in me. I really like sitting around with hubby and critiquing the singers. Now it's all over for the season, and I have to wait for next year. As for the performer in me....

2. I harbor a secret desire to be a writer for Saturday Night Live. I am a closeted comedian with a wacky sense of humor. I'd probably be an even better writer for Family Guy, which has to be my favorite show these days. Obviously, I watch a lot of tv. No wonder the disseration isn't done.

3. I don't much care for tofu. I'm not sure why exactly, and it's something I've been working on trying to like, but it's really not something that appeals to me.

4. I love daisies. I always have--I think I'm just too practical, and I like flowers that last. I think they're beautiful flowers and I'm hoping to plant some in my garden this year.

5. I once won an award for a jazz saxophone solo. In fact, in my earlier days, I was quite into jazz saxophone. Maybe when the dissertation's done, I'll take it up again. The best part about the award, though, was it was for improvisation; yet, I was reading the notes straight off the page! My director wasn't much into improv, so I didn't get much training in that area, even though I wanted to.

6. I didn't know how much I'd like being a mama. In fact, if I'd known this fact sooner, I'd probably have more kids. I'm just glad I've gotten the chance to learn this fact about myself.

7. Until this year, the furthest east in the US I'd ever been was Tennessee! I have truly been a west-river (west of the Mississippi River) girl. In the last 6 months, I have been to DC and Baltimore, but I have never been to New York or New England. On the other hand, I've been to all of the west river states except Arkansas, Texas, Alaska, and Hawai'i. Not bad, eh?

As for the "tag, you're it" part--I'm taking the easy way out. If you're reading this, well then--tag! You're it!

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May 16, 2007

The Yarn is in the Mail

So to speak. I've (temporarily) abandoned my plan for anime socks. But, only temporarily. I've settled on Baudelaire--I liked it better anyway, but thanks to all who pushed me in that direction.

Now all I do is wait. Wait until the yarn comes. While I'm waiting, I can wonder if I picked the right yarn. I can obsess about whether or not my sock pal really does like pink. I've noticed that she mostly knits things that are deep, earth tones. I've also noticed a tendency toward solids and hand dyed not-so-solid solids. In searching for the perfect yarn, I've come to recognize that I, myself, really do love a good variegated yarn.

Never one to settle on something too easily, I have ordered three different yarns. I wonder which I'll choose? In the meantime, I'm itching to get started. I might have to do a test run while I'm waiting. I've got an extra skein of Socks that Rock Fire on the Mountain (my favorite yarn EVER) calling out to me. Maybe I should make another set of these while I wait. New Folder 2007 064.jpg
I've got lots of friends having babies, after all.

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May 14, 2007

Anime Socks, Part 2

Ok, so several of you asked, well, what does your sock pal say she likes? That's just the problem. My sock pal has said something that I'm still trying to make sense of. What is it? I can't exactly tell you, because if I do, she'll pretty much know I am her secret sock pal. Yet, it is a kind of sentence that befuddles me. I'm not sure what it means exactly, and it truly is at the heart of my sock-making decision.

I'm thinking some of you might suggest that I ask for clarification, and trust me, I have. I have not gotten much clarification. There are some cross-cultural communication issues at play here, and before you think this frustrates me, I should say I'm truly having fun.

So, now I'm definitely thinking of making two pairs of socks. One, anime. But, what's the other pair going to be? If you were making a pair of socks that were, say, not anime socks (as I've described below--something like a green stockinette with a bunny face), but anime inspired, what would you make? What sock yarn would you use?

Am I all wrong if I'm thinking Monkey or Baudelaire?

I think I'll be fine once I make the decision and stick with it. A little guidance here will be well-appreciated.

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May 7, 2007

Let the Sock Knitting Begin!

I'm leaving for a quick trip to Baltimore tomorrow--work related--and I better not forget to pack some sock knitting. It won't be knitting for my sock pal, though. I haven't entirely decided what kind of socks to make. I'm actually thinking of designing some anime socks, but I'm a little worried. I'm thinking of some plain ol' stockinette style socks with a little animal face on the side. Kinda funky, anime-style.

Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's too risky. I know I for one would be disappointed if I was hoping for some Jaywalkers in STR and ended up with some bright green socks with a bunny on the side (actually, I don't think I really WOULD be disappointed--I don't think it's possible I could be disappointed by socks). But, I want to try to make the anime socks anyway, even if not for Sockapalooza.4.

Can I make two pairs of socks before August? Maybe I'll have to find out.

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May 3, 2007

A Hearty Welcome to My Secret Sock Pal

I'm sad to say this week I am not knitting anything. I am moving! I would say UGH, but as a friend pointed out, it's such a step up (the new place), that it really is more of a joy. I can't decide if I'm more thrilled about leaving the wet nasty basement or moving to a place with three toilets. Ah, the simple things in life.

At any rate, things are all crazy and in shambles, and as I pack up every room I find a little more yarn I forgot I had, or needles that I've misplaced. I tend to lose track--what can I say? Moving is good for this kind of stuff, I think.

I have a nearly finished baby sweater on the needles, but my friend hasn't had her baby yet, so I'm in the clear. My friend thought for sure she'd have a baby before May--she was even a little ticked that I put May 1 as my guess in the baby game. Now, it's May 3 and she's still waiting. Funny how those little ones are in charge from the beginning, isn't it?

We've got around 8 people coming over to move the furniture on Sunday--I think I'll be back to knitting by Monday.

PS. I put my new address in the database, so no worries there, sock pal.

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