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July 20, 2007

Hey secret sock pal,

Are you wondering if I fell off the edge of the earth? Ever since that thing called Nashville, it seems like I haven't been blogging much. I think of you, though. I think of you, and wonder if you've given up reading my blog since I haven't updated it much. I think about updating it, and then I realize that I can't post pictures because my camera doesn't have batteries has gone missing is currently out in the car. I want to post pictures because...well, what knitter doesn't want to post pictures? Besides, I could visually represent my indecision about knitting for my sock pal:

1. I thought about Baudelaire. I signed up for a class on Baudelaire. Due to my travel schedule for work, I ended up missing most of the classes. I have a lovely toe started in red Fleece Artist sea wool, though. Besides, I worry about the fit--it's probably better to make Baudelaire for someone whose foot you have access to.

2. I started Pillars of Atlantis on some really cool green Yarni (it's local to North St. Paul). I concluded that my gauge and the cable pattern were making socks for a child, not my sock pal. I frogged.

3. I started Pomatomus. I realized that I cannot knit Pomatomus in a deep blue Adirondacks yarn and listen to the incessant ramblings of a charming almost 6 year old. He's charming. Really. But, I was getting lost in the pattern. I need more quiet time, let's face it. Until then....

4. I started Waving Lace in a gorgeous pink Claudia. Gorgeous, folks. I got a few rows in and looked at my gauge and thought, these would probably fit my chubby ankles but not my sock pal's svelte ankles. I've seen them on her blog, you see. I cast those aside.....

5. I wondered if I should just go with the partially done plain ol' stockinette in a self-striping yarn of blues and greens and oranges. I don't think my pal likes self-striping yarn, though. Plus, I think she likes lace.

6. I cast on some Cascade Fixation I bought down the street, just to see what it felt like. I started making a striped stockinette sock, but it's definitely NOT my sock pal's taste.

7. I thought about doing something with my hand-dyed yarn. No, it's not her colors....

Are you worried I'm not going to make it yet?

8. FINALLY (yes, finally!!) I cast on Waving Lace in my lovely frogged green Yarni. It took awhile to get the pattern down--a few frogs that followed a "Mama, look at my lego guy. See what I did! Look. Can you play a game with me? Let's pretend you're a gecko and I'm an iguana. Only geckos don't knit, ok?" But, eventually I got it. I'm still worried about gauge (please, sockpal, I hope your ankles are as small as I think they are). I am ALMOST done with sock #1.

As for sock #2, I am going to Atlantic City this weekend for work (Read=knitting on an airplane) and then to North Dakota (I should have done a giveaway for that!) for the family reunion next week (Read=12 hours on Amtrak--LOTS of knitting time). Sock #2 should be done by August.

But in the meantime, sock pal, if the skies are sunny where you are (and I think they are), and you're enjoying working on another project because you've long since finished my socks, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!!
I'd rather believe you are in my boat, knitting furiously in every spare moment to finish a pair of socks to soon enough say goodbye to and mail off to their eager recipient. Right now, I'm knitting too much to feel eager. Soon. Very soon.

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July 6, 2007

100 Posts Contest Winners!

Sorry it took me so long to get these winners announced. It's been a super busy couple of weeks, and not slated to slow down until August.

Here are the winners, drawn at random:

2 skeins of Koigu in my favorite colorway goes to Lisa who met her husband in the Twin Cities.

some MN wild rice soon on its way to Chelsea who might get to spend some time in the family cabin in MN this summer

chocolate from a local chocolatier goes to Alli who would probably like MN's cold winter, since she lives in Alaska. Be sure to check out her blog--she's been seriously knitting some awesome socks lately!!!

Laura, who misses the cold weather now that she's living in Mississippi, is getting an Annie Modesitt flip book. As someone recently observed, the Knitting Heretic herself has recently moved to the Twin Cities (St. Paul, to be precise) so we can definitely say she's one of the best things about the cities.

Ana's getting herself a Crafy Planet t-shirt. I really adore the stiching world logo--it's so cute. Be sure to check out their online store--they've got some nifty imported fabrics, in addition to yarn.

Fleece Artist will soon be on its way to Amy who has recently finished her Sockapalooza socks. Check them out! I hope she likes the Fleece Artist--let's just say I was in a "bright colors" mood the day I got it.

Thanks to all who entered!! I really liked hearing all the things you liked about the cities. Stay tuned--in another few weeks, I'll reveal one of my vey favorite things about the cities. But in the meantime, too much work is calling my name!

Sockapalooza update soon!

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July 1, 2007

Finally catching up, post-Nashville

Folks, Nashville was hard on me. A full week in the biodome known as the Gaylord Opryland. I live close enough to the Mall of America and this place was similar to the mall, only with a 2000 room hotel added on. Crazy hoards of kids visiting Nashville for the first time, too much talk of psychometrics, and that whole thing about me being an "expert." It's over. I survived. Don't ask me what I said--it's all a blur.

I'll have some sockpal sock pics to post soon.

In the meantime, I haven't quite recovered enough to draw names for the contest, but check back in a day or two. The results will be posted soon, I promise! Thanks to all who entered!

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