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August 8, 2007

When your sock pal is in California...

...You get some cool loot from Disneyland with your socks! I got my package today, and even though I feel bad I haven't finished socks for my pal, I couldn't wait to open it.

August 2007 366.jpg

Thanks, Nan, for knowing exactly what I like. I'm munching on mango while I'm typing this, and J (my son) is begging for the mickey lollipops. It's been awhile since we've been to Disneyland, and I always get those lollis when we go. J hasn't been there yet, though. Anyway, on to the socks...aren't they awesome?

August 2007 370.jpg

Nan doesn't have a blog (should we beg her to get one?)--I figure someone who can make socks this awesome must be pretty cool. Nan, I'd love to read your blog, so if you get one, let me know! Anyway, these socks are making their web debut right here, so feel free to ooh and aah--I know I am!!!

Here's another pic:August 2007 371.jpg

Hey, hey, they're Monkeys! And, correct me, sock pal, if I'm mistaken, but I think they're Socks that Rock Downpour?
They fit nicely, and I adore them!

Now, I'm feeling a bit like a bum because I haven't quite finished socks for my sock pal yet. (And, I know she' s already mailed hers out too, so she's gonna be expecting her soon.) Here's an update:

August 2007 372.jpg One waving lace done.

August 2007 374.jpg And one waving lace not yet done. I'm knitting as fast as I can!

Trouble is, I have another knitting deadline next Thursday and an important meeting for work in DC on Monday and Tuesday (do ya'll think I travel enough?!). So, I'm knitting in my sleep if possible.

Soon, very soon, I'll tell you what I'm up to with these: August 2007 054.jpg It's a very special story...and one I can share soon.

Thanks again, sock pal!

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