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November 18, 2007

One thing I HATE about Minnesota


To be fair, I don't really hate ALL Minnesota bicyclists. In fact, I rather like the Minnesotans who bravely bicycle all year long. What I really dislike, though, are bicyclists who fail to follow the rules of the road.

I'll never forget one of my first days walking on campus, strolling happily on the sidewalk pushing J in his little stroller, when all of a sudden...WHAM! a bicyclist flew around the corner, on the sidewalk that said NO BICYCLES. If we hadn't reacted quickly, I'm sure J would've been a goner. So, let's face it, I'm biased.

I'm biased because almost every day on my walk to work, I'm lucky if I don't have a near miss with a bicyclist who is a) riding on the sidewalk, b) riding the wrong way on the street, or c)fails to stop at a pedestrian cross-walk and/or use hand signals of any kind.

I'm not riding a bicycle these days, but if I were, I would be following the rules of the road. The rules keep everyone safe.

So, last week, my dear sweet hubby was driving J to school. He stopped at the four-way stop. He looked both ways. The intersection was clear. He proceeded to turn right, and BAM! a bicyclist ran right into our van!

Yep. It's sort of amazing that it's taken five years and several near misses for something to finally happen. Fortunately the rider was ok, although the bike was not. Fortunately the police noted that the rider was a) riding on the sidewalk and b) failed to stop at the stop sign (I guess they don't apply if you're riding on the street, perhaps?).

Our van is fine. Hubby was fine, although flustered. And J was mostly miffed that his back seat video gaming got interrupted. But, I don't think the bicyclist nor a couple onlookers were too happy when hubby got out of the car, and seeing that the rider was ok, proceeded to yell, "Why didn't you follow the rules?"

A fair question. And one I want to yell often when I'm getting around in the cities.

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November 11, 2007

Socktoberfest update

I'm not so good at the Socktoberfest KAL. I DID finish my socks in October, but I didn't get them posted anywhere in time. In fact, it wasn't until I was in a hotel room in Dallas, TX before I realized, oh yeah, I'm in Dallas in November and I still haven't posted my socks!! Oh, well. No prizes for me. But I DO have adorably cute finished socks:

October 2007 043.jpg

I've decided that I need to be one of those knitters who knits both socks at the same time, a little of each at a time. Then, I can be happy when I've finished the pair instead of getting done with one and wondering if I'll ever finish the second. Because that's where I'm at right now. Almost done with one sock, and wondering if I'll EVER finish the second, especially since I have some new, cool sock yarn to cast on with. See?

October 2007 023.jpg

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