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January 25, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging: Welcome, Pearl!

It's been one month since our little Java passed away. I miss the little guy so much, and I think of him daily. It was hard coming back from our family holiday trip without him, and Sappho, our other dog who had stayed home was wondering why we'd forgotten him. She looked in all of our luggage for him. She seemed especially puzzled that the little pet carrier we'd loaded him into was empty now. No Java. Finally, we showed her his collar and the little vest he'd been wearing. She knew he was gone. And, the loneliness set in.

Sappho always seemed a little indifferent to Java. They didn't play the way I'd hoped they would. But, I didn't realize how much she enjoyed his company until these last few weeks, when we'd see her standing by the back door, waiting for us to come home. Or cuddling up next to me, shaking a little. We realized how empty the house must seem without his near-constant bark.

We decided to get a kitten. For one thing, we don't want to "replace" Java. For another, the resident 6 year old has been wanting a cat for almost 6 years. And, we wanted a slightly more independent family member, owing to the fact that we're all traveling a bit more these days, with work and things.

So, welcome Pearl! As you can see, she and her boy are already fast friends:

second run photos 2008 028.jpg

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