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April 29, 2008

Yet Another Pictureless Post

I feel like I've gotten away from knitting a little in the last couple of weeks. In fact, I still haven't finished my last trip socks, and I feel quite strongly about wanting to get those done. I was working on those socks in the airport waiting for my flight out to LaGuardia, and a woman and her friend looked over at me. The woman said, "What are you making?" Surprisingly, people never seem to expect to hear "socks" as the answer to that question. So, I said "socks" and she looked at me and said, "And how many years older will you be when you have them finished?" Clearly a non-knitter.

At any rate, I've been working on a few small knitting projects lately (I don't seem to really know how to work on big knitting projects--I have yet to make a full-sized blanket or an adult garment of any kind other than hat/scarf), but mostly I've been distracted with things other than knitting:

1. DISSERTATION! The first three chapters are due to my adviser on Friday. I have 10 pages written....I need to get to work!

2. Hubby is in Hawai'i and I am a single parent. I think he makes a better single parent than I do, but J and I got out the door on time today, so I can't complain too much. I DO need to clean out the catbox though.

3. Wii. Need I say more? Oh, it's soooo fun! I'm totally into the Wii fitness thing, and watching my numbers improve. Needless to say, my arms are killing me, and that feels so good. But, if I'm playing tennis in my living room, I'm not knitting, that's for sure.

I'll get back to the knitting eventually. I want to start sewing sometime soon, too. But FIRST, I gotta get that dissertation done!

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April 24, 2008

Write On!

The Dissertation Train has left the station! Whoo hoo!

I have a new prospectus meeting scheduled (or almost scheduled), and a plan for a dissertation defense.

I'm working on my diss right now, and it feels good!

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April 5, 2008

Some things I like about Boston and some things I don't

In less than 12 hours, I will be at Logan Airport, waiting impatiently for my flight home. Impatiently because I miss the fam, but not because I haven't enjoyed Boston. I've enjoyed Boston very much, and I know I would love to live here (if I weren't pretty firmly rooted in the Twin Cities).

I took a bunch of dorky, bad pictures while I've been here, and right now I'm too tired to post very many. Maybe I will when I get home and have a chance to rest up a bit. I think Boston would be prettier in another month or so. Right now, it's a little grey and muddy. The public garden and Boston Common are both pretty leafless right now, and all of the ponds have been drained for winter. I'd love to see them in the summer.

Boston is a city of signs. The public parks have the rules posted. Shaw's grocery store has a patio, which has rules (the two I remember: don't feed the birds, and no dogs. Tell that to the guy sitting there with his dog. He was probably feeding the birds, too, but I didn't see that part.). The mall has signs that tell you to keep your purse under control. I would've taken a picture, but I got stopped by security for taking a picture. Apparently I didn't see the sign (I don't think there was one).

Here's a little guy who doesn't mind the sign either:

March 2008 015 (2).JPG

And as for feeding the birds, they have a sign for that, too:

do not feed the birds.JPG

Boston is a very environmentally-conscious city, in my observation, and I can appreciate that too.

Two of my favorite things about Boston are wacky crustaceans and ducks:

March 2008 020.JPG

March 2008 026.JPG
Where else can you get a lobster claw harmonica?! (Where else would you need one?)

I've had a great time here in Boston, and this post doesn't really capture enough of my experiences this last week, nor does it really capture the complexity of this wonderful city that has historic sites and new buildings right smooshed together. I hope I get to come back again someday, but right now, it's time to go home.

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